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World - Region
8/2/2020 2:33:54 PM
World - International
7/25/2020 5:42:55 PM
World - International
6/12/2020 9:12:40 PM
World - International
12/30/2019 2:23:16 PM
The programme aimed to feed up to 500 orphans and infants of working mothers in the Muslim-majority country, which has high rates of child malnutrition and stunted growth
Life & Style - Health
12/16/2019 10:49:07 AM
People whose mothers had diabetes during pregnancy are at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease by early adulthood, a recent study suggests.
Life & Style - Health
7/17/2019 4:58:09 PM
Mothers exposed to any solvents were 50% more likely to have a child with autism than women without this exposure
Life & Style - Health
5/4/2019 12:10:07 PM
Babies of fathers who smoked when mothers were pregnant had a 74 percent higher risk of heart defects
Egypt - Politics
3/30/2019 12:11:20 PM
Opinion -
3/6/2019 7:17:47 PM
The month of March is more and more associated with the achievements of Egyptian women
World - Region
9/1/2018 8:54:24 PM
Life & Style - Style
3/21/2018 3:04:31 PM
With the hashtag #SheInspiresMe, mothers are everywhere on Egyptian social media today
Life & Style - Health
1/2/2018 10:53:51 AM
Mothers who smoked during pregnancy had an overall 60 percent higher risk of having a child with ADHD compared to women who didn’t smoke
Life & Style - Health
9/19/2017 3:14:35 PM
Children whose mothers took folic acid supplements early in their pregnancies were less likely to develop autism, even when the pregnant moms were exposed to pesticides
World - International
6/23/2017 7:43:15 PM
Opinion -
6/11/2017 12:31:27 PM
Fifty years ago, our fathers' and mothers' generation engraved the feat of steadfastness on the land. Can our generation today engrave the feat of unity, in order to gain freedom?
World - International
5/16/2017 10:27:28 AM
Life & Style - Health
4/24/2017 11:05:04 AM
Children of mothers who never used cell phones while pregnant had a lower risk of behavioral and emotional problems
World - Region
12/15/2016 3:04:22 PM
Despite efforts to reduce early marriage in Zaatari camp, maternal health workers from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) say the number of babies born to adolescent girls remains stubbornly high
Egypt - Politics
12/7/2016 5:54:23 PM
Egypt - Politics
9/19/2016 5:06:28 PM
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