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Arts & Culture - Music
11/10/2019 4:55:17 PM
The event, performed by the head of the Egyptian Association of Religious Hymns and Litanies, saw the gathering of many thousands and was broadcast live by some Egyptian TV channels
Egypt - Politics
11/7/2019 10:54:00 PM
Ahram Online takes you on a sugar-coated tour in Cairo ahead of the prophet's birthday celebration
Egypt - Politics
11/5/2019 12:10:49 PM
Egypt - Politics
11/3/2019 12:56:57 PM
Egypt - Politics
11/1/2019 3:46:46 PM
The celebration will be a paid day off for the private sector as well as the public sector, said Manpower Minister Mohamed Saafan
Egypt - Politics
12/1/2018 10:17:12 AM
Despite repeated calls for religious discourse to be reformed little has been done
Multimedia -
1/17/2018 11:00:00 AM
In the heart of Islamic Cairo, thousands flocked to celebrate the Birth of the grandson of the prophet Mohammad who was killed in Iraq in 680 AD
Egypt - Politics
11/29/2017 9:32:01 PM
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
7/26/2016 2:27:52 PM
The winning photo, captured by Egyptian photographer Mohamed Abdel-Gawad, shows traditional moulid dancing in Egypt
Multimedia -
4/27/2016 7:52:39 PM
Multimedia -
2/10/2016 8:52:22 PM
Multimedia -
2/10/2016 6:32:22 PM
Thousands of Egyptians celebrate the birthday of Hussein Ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed
Multimedia -
2/10/2016 3:18:02 PM
The event, which honors the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, lasts three days
Multimedia -
2/9/2016 5:00:00 PM
The celebration attracts thousands of Muslims from all over the country to the mosque and shrine named after the prophet Mohammed's grandson
Multimedia -
12/25/2015 4:27:53 PM
Multimedia -
12/24/2015 7:17:42 PM
Egyptians stand to take pictures with Christmas and El-Moulid lights in the shape of a tree with bride on top in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, Dec 24, 2015 (Photo: Hannah Porter)
Multimedia -
12/23/2015 1:11:21 PM
This year's celebration of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday precedes Christmas by two days
Folk - Special Files
12/23/2015 11:14:34 AM
This year, Santa and Moulid dolls come side by side
Egypt - Politics
12/9/2015 6:47:12 PM
The third Islamic month, Rabei Al-Awwal, in which the Prophet was born, is due to start Saturday, according to the National Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics
Arts & Culture - Film
11/19/2015 12:56:22 PM
Al-Ahram met with the film's director Sameh Abdelaziz prior to the screening, and discussed the film's topic of mawalid
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