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World - International
12/15/2011 12:55:47 PM
Russian PM Vladimir Putin will address the nation during his customary phone-in session in the wake of wide-scale protests, as the opposition accuse his United Russia party of fixing parliamentary polls
Elections 2011 - News
12/13/2011 7:26:09 PM
After initial electoral landslide last month, Islamist parties hope to sweep 2nd round of polling despite stiff competition from NDP holdovers
Elections 2011 -
12/13/2011 3:19:26 PM
Second round of parliamentary contest will see election of 180 MPs for 9 of Egypt's 27 governorates
World - International
12/12/2011 12:34:34 PM
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's spokesman says election fraud claims reported by Russia's opposition will not alter the outcome of this month's parliamentary polls
Elections 2011 - News
12/8/2011 1:03:51 PM
Egyptians abroad begin voting in parliamentary polls' second round with embassies and consulates worldwide accepting marked ballot papers until Monday
Arts & Culture - Film
12/6/2011 1:42:49 PM
Following Islamist landslide in Morocco's parliamentary polls in November, deputy VP of Marrakesh International Film Festival downplays fears of Islamist-led government
Egypt - Politics
12/5/2011 2:07:54 PM
After Muslim Brotherhood's strong showing in first round of Egypt's parliamentary polls, group's secretary-general describes controversial El-Selmi document as 'dead'
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
12/5/2011 1:17:00 PM
As Islamists make a strong initial showing in Egypt's parliamentary polls, some artists fear a clampdown on their freedom of expression while others believe artists must reconnect with the Islamists' base
Elections 2011 - News
12/5/2011 1:50:12 AM
The city that witnessed the brutal murder by police of Khaled Said in 2010 now holds its breath as Islamists and Salafists make a strong showing at the parliamentary polls
Business - Economy
12/1/2011 2:00:00 PM
Despite the Muslim Brotherhood's support of a free market economy, their expected success in parliamentary polls has the business sector bracing itself for an incoming parliament dominated by Islamists
Business - Economy
11/30/2011 4:24:49 PM
Head of Egyptian Tourism Federation warns of dire consequences for local tourism industry in event of Islamist landslide in parliamentary polls
Elections 2011 - News
11/28/2011 6:06:27 PM
With the kick-off of landmark parliamentary polls on Monday, the debate over whether to boycott the country's first post-Mubarak electoral contest continues to rage in Tahrir Square - and elsewhere
Elections 2011 - News
11/27/2011 8:48:46 PM
First stage of Egypt's parliamentary polls - set to begin Monday despite political unrest - will feature several fierce contests between longstanding rivals
Elections 2011 - News
11/25/2011 7:46:00 AM
On the eve of Friday's planned million-man protest, political forces are increasingly divided on whether or not to proceed with Monday's scheduled parliamentary polls
World - International
11/24/2011 12:39:56 PM
DR Congo faces a daunting task ahead of presidential and parliamentary polls next Monday, challenged by a massive territory and a crumbling infrastructure as well as accusations of fraud
Elections 2011 - News
11/21/2011 9:24:06 PM
Post-revolution political forces decry brutal violence against protesters, but few appear ready to give up on next week's pivotal parliamentary polls
Egypt - Politics
11/21/2011 5:17:54 PM
New chairman vows to support ongoing revolution, says syndicate will play 'major role' in supervising next week's parliamentary polls
World - Region
11/21/2011 3:02:02 PM
Leading member of Morocco's liberal alliance says voters won't hand power to Islamist parties in parliamentary polls slated for Friday
Elections 2011 - News
11/17/2011 1:43:19 PM
Following landmark court ruling, Egyptian nationals in Saudi Arabia prepare to cast ballots in legislative elections, with 80,000 so far registered
World - Region
10/24/2011 1:18:58 PM
Police attack peaceful demonstration calling for boycott of early parliamentary polls; 'The elections are a charade, you will not fool us this time', chant protesters in the capital Rabat
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