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Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/29/2015 6:02:38 PM
Preliminary results show that parties have gained over half of the 226 seats contested by individual candidates in the vote
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/28/2015 9:42:47 PM
The first stage of the elections did not come close to reaching the record 62 percent turnout rate of Egypt's 2011 parliamentary elections
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/26/2015 9:19:29 PM
Four of 226 individual seats available in first stage were filled
World - Region
10/23/2015 9:14:34 PM
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/22/2015 9:42:55 PM
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/20/2015 11:55:38 AM
The electoral coalition, which includes 10 parties and many public figures, supports President Sisi's policies
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/19/2015 5:42:02 PM
A semi-official report concluded that a list of 44 political parties ‎‎– out of a total 83 – contested in the first stage of Egypt's ‎parliamentary elections that opened Saturday
Egypt - Politics
9/30/2015 6:25:43 PM
Pope Tawadros did not explicitly name any particular party, but reports suggest he meant the Salafist Nour Party — the only Islamist party participating in the coming parliamentary polls
Egypt - Politics
9/25/2015 3:54:50 PM
The stampede triggered a series of reactions among political parties in Egypt over who should be held responsible for the incident
Opinion -
9/10/2015 10:22:02 PM
The collapse of Egyptian political parties on the eve of parliamentary elections destroys any hope for democracy to win
World - Region
9/9/2015 10:31:05 AM
Egypt - Features
9/7/2015 9:22:13 PM
Experts doubt that all of Egypt's political parties are ready for the elections race, some even asserting that the parties are following the lead of Mubarak's NDP
Egypt - Politics
9/5/2015 7:34:05 PM
Non-Islamist political parties are struggling to finalise their candidate lists
Egypt - Politics
8/29/2015 8:51:02 PM
While preparations for the parliamentary elections will shift into high gear on Sunday, the country's political parties are still in a state of disarray
Egypt - Politics
8/26/2015 10:07:19 PM
Egypt's Ministry of Endowments announced on Wednesday that it supports a campaign aimed at preventing religious parties from contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections
Egypt - Politics
8/16/2015 9:22:36 PM
In a speech at a cultural event organised by the army, Sisi announced new development projects, and complained of 'rising' costs of operating Cairo's metro system
Egypt - Politics
8/16/2015 9:16:47 PM
An explosion of power struggles inside a number of Egypt's secular political parties may negatively affect their performance in upcoming parliamentary elections
Egypt - Features
7/28/2015 3:22:20 PM
A visit to Riyadh by the head of Hamas left consternation among some parties and questions among some observers. What did Saudi Arabia aim to achieve, asks Ahmed Eleiba
World - International
7/19/2015 11:55:19 AM
Egypt - Politics
7/7/2015 6:14:50 PM
Several parties have declared their support to the journalist syndicate, who have criticised the law for curtailing press freedoms
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