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Egypt - Politics
3/22/2016 1:49:59 PM
The attack on an Arish’s El-Safa checkpoint resulted in the death of 15 police personnel
Egypt - Politics
3/20/2016 4:19:13 PM
The US embassy in Cairo conveyed condolences to Egypt following the Saturday attack that left at least 15 policemen dead
Egypt - Politics
3/20/2016 3:10:50 PM
Armed men launched mortar shells at a police checkpoint in Arish’s El-Safa neighbourhood, leaving 15 dead
Egypt - Politics
3/19/2016 11:30:46 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/19/2016 5:24:42 PM
The defendants are charged with the premeditated killing of two policemen and over 40 others
Egypt - Politics
3/18/2016 2:31:01 PM
Policemen who allegedly attacked doctors earlier this year have yet to be referred to court
Egypt - Politics
3/7/2016 5:38:03 PM
Two policemen killed were and four other police personnel injured in an IED explosion in Al-Arish city
Egypt - Politics
3/6/2016 1:18:43 PM
Minister Magdy Abdel-Ghafar said legislation would both ensure prompt action in the face of any police violations and provide incentives to policemen who excel in their work
Egypt - Politics
3/3/2016 11:03:58 AM
The incident took place as police were targeting suspects believed to be involved in the killing of four policemen earlier this week
Opinion -
3/1/2016 5:40:38 PM
Doctors gained public sympathy following the Matariya Hospital incident, but the Ministry of Interior's handling of the case tarnished its image and dealt a serious blow to the Egyptian regime
Egypt - Politics
2/29/2016 9:22:38 PM
Egypt - Politics
2/28/2016 8:40:21 PM
Police are currently sweeping the area to catch the assailants and are investigating the incident
Egypt - Politics
2/24/2016 9:51:54 AM
Egypt - Politics
2/23/2016 4:54:52 PM
According to an interior ministry statement, the lower-ranking policemen ‘accidentally’ shot the taxi driver following a financial dispute while attempting to disperse an angry crowd
Egypt - Politics
2/22/2016 7:43:12 PM
Egypt's Interior Minister Magdy Abdel-Ghaffar said that 99% of lower-ranking policemen are 'honourable men'
Egypt - Politics
2/21/2016 8:00:00 PM
The seven low-ranking policemen were arrested on Saturday as they were on their way to participate in a TV show
Egypt - Politics
2/20/2016 5:55:54 PM
Doctors across Egypt staged a one-hour-silent stand over the alleged attack by policemen on doctors at a Cairo hospital last month
Egypt - Politics
2/17/2016 3:03:46 PM
The announcement comes after the doctors’ syndicate demanded the prosecution of policemen who assaulted two doctors last month at Matariya Hospital
Egypt - Politics
2/16/2016 4:34:35 PM
The policeman allegedly assaulted a lawyer in Gharbiya over a parking dispute
Egypt - Politics
2/12/2016 2:39:34 PM
The events that led to the meeting began on 28 January 2016, when policemen allegedly assaulted two doctors at Cairo’s Matariya Hospital after one of the doctors refused to fake a medical report for one of the policemen
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