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World - International
6/26/2013 12:58:15 PM
Mongolia's president Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj who has long dominated the political landscape is accused of failing to combat a wealth gap generated by a resources boom
Books -
6/25/2013 5:29:48 PM
The new book by Haidar Ibrahim Aly describes various dimensions of Islamist rule in Sudan and explains why the project failed
World - Region
6/25/2013 2:33:50 PM
Campaigning for political reforms in Saudi Arabia, Human Rights Activist Abdulkarim al-Khader will serve three years in jail, with five years suspended over sedition charges
World - International
6/25/2013 10:41:12 AM
Meeting with protesters Monday, Brazilian president proposes plebiscite on political reform amongst plans for revamping health care, public transport, and education
Egypt - Morsi, one year on
6/25/2013 9:21:22 AM
Despite decades of planning for Egypt's eventual transition into an Islamic state, only two years of post-revolution politics appear to have put paid to the Muslim Brotherhood's longed-for Islamist renaissance
Business - Economy
6/24/2013 7:56:10 PM
Fund fact-finding mission meets Somali authorities following IMF recognition of Somali government in April after 22-year break linked to unrest and political instability
Egypt - Politics
6/24/2013 5:09:17 PM
Salafist figure Hazem Abu-Ismail condemns statements by Defence Minister Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who recently hinted at armed forces' readiness to intervene in Egypt's charged political scene
World - Region
6/24/2013 3:28:59 PM
A 20-year-old Palestinian theatre in East Jerusalem, with no alleged political ties, is closed down by Israeli authorities to coincide with children's puppet festival
Egypt - Politics
6/23/2013 6:21:20 PM
Minister of defence gives ambiguous warning that the armed forces will not allow Egypt to slip into violence
World - International
6/23/2013 4:39:10 PM
Helping to secure political asylum for wanted former NSA contractor, WikiLeaks 'diplomats' are escorting Snowden to Moscow on Sunday, then to Venezuela via Cuba
Egypt - Politics
6/23/2013 4:28:58 PM
With tensions ahead of 30 June escalating, Nour Party maintains position against taking sides but condemns Muslim Brotherhood for feeding political polarisation
Opinion -
6/23/2013 1:43:12 PM
The quest for political change should not rely on a specific social class. New movements like Tamarod are examples of cross-class alliances that will change the Arab world
Books -
6/23/2013 12:32:06 PM
Soliman's book discusses the financial challenges faced by the Mubarak regime in its struggle to protect itself at the unsupportable cost of Egyptians' welfare
Arts & Culture - Music
6/23/2013 11:32:59 AM
'Amid political disturbances, it would be irrelevant to sing about cars or parties,' says rapper El-Banna to Ahram Online regarding the I Breathe Hip Hop concert on 20 June
Business - Economy
6/23/2013 10:47:19 AM
New government still confident about troika talks after failure to sell natural gas company DEPA blew a 1 billion euro hole in bailout plan
Egypt - Politics
6/22/2013 11:06:11 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood's political arm says a Gamaa Islamiya member died from his wounds after being shot by opposition sympathizers last week in Fayoum governorate
World - Region
6/22/2013 11:43:20 AM
UK Foreign Secretary William Hague says Britain's main goals remain to 'deliver more humanitarian aid' and 'promote a political solution in Syria'
Multimedia -
6/21/2013 6:25:21 PM
Islamist demonstrators in the hundreds of thousands converge on Cairo's Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque to voice support for beleagured president and 'say no to political violence' (All photos by Mai Shaheen)
Opinion -
6/21/2013 11:25:36 AM
Washington's recent escalations against the Syrian regime represent little more than a tactical shift. The Egyptian regime, meanwhile, has followed suit for its own domestic political purposes
Egypt - Politics
6/20/2013 10:13:33 PM
With 30 June anti-govt demos around corner, three key players in Egypt's fraught political equation – the army, police and Washington – all appear to be taking a wait-and-see approach, say informed sources
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