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World - Region
6/24/2013 4:58:00 PM
In the worst violence to strike Lebanon since the start of the Syrian conflict, 16 Lebanese soldiers are killed in fighting with Sunni radicals
World - Region
6/24/2013 2:40:55 PM
Lebanon army vows to bring armed men following radical Sunni cleric al-Assir 'under control'
Egypt - Features
6/13/2013 12:18:44 PM
In an exclusive interview, Ahram Online talks with members of Egypt's most controversial and mysterious opposition group, the outlawed Black Bloc, ahead of nationwide anti-Morsi protests on 30 June
World - Region
6/12/2013 12:36:04 PM
The three members of the radical women's protest group Femen risk six months in prison in Tunisia
World - Region
6/10/2013 1:27:30 PM
Al-Zawahiri appoints Abu Khalid al-Suri as his representative in Syria to arbitrate on any issues resulting from the cancellation of the merger between radical Islamist groups Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Nusra Front
World - International
5/29/2013 9:01:41 AM
A police statement says the suspect was arrested west of the French capital Paris
Egypt - Politics
5/27/2013 10:21:31 AM
Nubians should be helped to return to their ancestral lands in Upper Egypt, says senior leader of radical Islamist group
World - International
5/18/2013 3:45:37 PM
The Nigerian military imposes a 24-hour curfew while carrying out its offensive in three cities, including Maiduguri, the home base of Boko Haram, a group of Nigerian radical Islamists
World - Region
5/15/2013 8:05:13 PM
Tunisian government bans radical Salafist group Ansar al-Sharia from holding its annual congress meeting for not following legal procedures
World - Region
5/15/2013 6:02:57 PM
Annual gathering by radical Salafist group has not received interior ministry permission
Egypt - Politics
5/13/2013 2:08:35 PM
Activists arrested during solidarity protest for those accused of being members of radical Black Bloc group are cleared of charges
World - Region
5/7/2013 5:06:29 PM
Opinion -
4/17/2013 7:36:05 PM
Radical Islamist discourse has led to a rise in extremism among Copts, fueling violent incidents
World - Region
4/9/2013 4:09:00 PM
U.S.-born Jewish extremist, Jack Teitel, gets two consecutive life sentences for manslaughter of two Palestinians and a string of other murders
World - Region
4/4/2013 5:23:17 PM
Tunisian police increase security forces at Tunis airport after Islamists plan large turnout to welcome radical Salafist sheikh Imed ben Salah evicted from Egypt for forging travel papers for jihadists
Egypt - Politics
4/1/2013 10:25:53 AM
Popular committees will be formed to protect Sufi shrines and mosques after spate of attacks blamed on 'radical Salafists'
World - International
3/25/2013 8:37:03 PM
European stock markets and the euro turned sharply lower on Monday after Cyprus agreed to a deal that qualifies the eurozone member for a bailout -- but only after a radical downsizing of the island's financial sector
Egypt - Politics
3/24/2013 11:02:52 AM
Radical opposition Black Bloc group admits responsibility for storming into a Muslim Brotherhood office during anti-Brotherhood demonstrations
Egypt - Politics
3/17/2013 9:14:20 PM
Radical preacher Abu-Islam Ahmed Abdullah to face charges of 'denigrating Christianity' and insulting Egyptian women
World - Region
3/17/2013 6:03:46 PM
Tribes in Southern of Yemen staged a strike in the city of Aden to protest the national dialogue sponsored by President Ali Salem Al-Baid
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