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World - Region
12/29/2011 7:06:17 PM
A young Algerian burns himself in a police station and raises questions about the incident's political implications for a similar accident in neighbouring Tunisia led to the fall of Ben Ali's regime after 23 years in power
Business - Economy
12/24/2011 11:47:30 AM
As Libya raises oil production to two thirds of the level before its revolution against Gaddafi, the country's oil minister reveals he has OPEC's promise to accommodate the barrels
Business - Economy
12/23/2011 4:37:36 PM
Piraeus Bank raises 400 million Euro's and hired Barclays capital to help the sale of its Egyptian unit
World - Region
12/21/2011 12:27:01 PM
Iraq political and security stability at a huge risks as it slipped back into the sectarian squabbling that pits Shi'ite against Sunni rivals and threatens to destroy their fragile power-sharing deal after only a year
World - Region
12/16/2011 10:59:15 AM
Russia takes a tougher stance on Syria in a UN resolution which western diplomats believe could make a real difference to the ongoing crisis
Business - Economy
12/15/2011 12:41:48 PM
Egypt's major Salafists advocate a liberal economy with provisions made for social justice. But a lack of policy details raises the question of exactly how the country will find the resources to implement these plans
Egypt - Politics
12/6/2011 6:29:09 PM
Activists fear Prime Minister El-Ganzouri's reluctance to name the new interior minister before cabinet takes oath could mean he has chosen an unpopular figure close to the old regime
Business - Economy
12/1/2011 12:04:31 PM
Pay-rises for state employees and low-income citizens are to be granted in January, in a move marking the 40th anniversary of the Emirates' founding
Business - Economy
11/24/2011 6:47:14 PM
World - Region
11/7/2011 1:39:48 PM
Recent Israeli and Iranian rhetoric raises questions over the possibility of a unilateral strike against Iran, such as the one carried out on an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 during Menachem Begin's premiership
Business - Economy
11/3/2011 7:18:09 PM
Plunge of nearly $2 billion raises the prospect of IMF help if reserves -still covering three and a half months of imports- drop further, say analysts
World - International
11/2/2011 3:02:27 PM
Occupy Wall Street, New York raises a whopping $500,000 for food, laundry and communications, but the banking industry they are fighting is making access to the donations difficult
Egypt - Politics
10/24/2011 5:16:38 PM
Ali Mohamed Ibrahim El-Halaby to face a military court after soldiers detained him for allegedly spraying graffiti that raises awareness of former NDP members running in next month's elections
Business - Economy
10/24/2011 1:19:29 PM
Kingdom's $130 billion of recent social spending pledges raises the possibility it may have to dip into fiscal reserves
World - Region
10/24/2011 10:18:41 AM
Hundreds of Kuwait Airways workers enter an open strike to demand salary raises and improved benefits
Business - Economy
10/23/2011 6:47:16 PM
Announcement of LE700 monthly rate raises questions over how the government will enforce it without giving further space to informal employment
World - Region
10/23/2011 5:46:57 PM
US Senator John MacCain says that military intervention to protect civilian in Syria is an option, specially after mission accomplished in Libya
World - Region
10/19/2011 6:21:43 PM
Housing Yemenis fleeing from fighting in the south in schools instead of empty stadiums and houses raises doubts as to the intentions of Yemen's unwanted government
Business - Economy
10/6/2011 1:33:43 PM
Leading private equity firm reaches target for first rights issue, with second to follow upon approval
World - International
10/6/2011 11:50:35 AM
South Africa cites 'hidden agenda' for recent abstention on Syria vote at UN; raises concerns that NATO went beyond its mandate in Libya
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