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World - International
12/18/2012 3:03:46 PM
Freed after being held hostage in Syria for five days, US journalist Richard Engel stated that his captors, who threatened to execute him and his crew, were a pro-regime group known as the shabiha
World - International
12/18/2012 2:20:57 PM
After being kidnapped and held in Syria for five days, US television journalist Richard Engel and his production crew were freed following a firefight between his captors and Syrian rebels and flown out of the country
World - Region
12/17/2012 8:54:48 PM
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says rebel fighters have launched an 'all-out offenisve' against regime positions in Hama province
World - Region
12/17/2012 11:51:15 AM
Calling for an immediate ceasefire and a start of national dialogue between Damascus and the rebels, Iran announced it has come up with a plan to end the Syrian crisis
World - Region
12/17/2012 11:13:27 AM
Libya declares its southern territory as a closed military zone and orders the closure of its borders amid growing threats by Al-Qaeda linked rebels
World - Region
12/16/2012 9:17:39 PM
Syrian warplanes destroy at least five homes and cause panic at a refugee camp after bombing a Turkish border town of Azaz
World - Region
12/16/2012 10:30:00 AM
Even though Syrian rebels now hold vast swathes of territory and have struck the heart of Damascus; al-Assad's regime has so far stood firm despite Western predictions of its imminent fall
Business - Economy
12/14/2012 7:14:48 PM
Syrians in fist fights over bread as desperation for food grows in parts of the country
World - Region
12/14/2012 12:04:31 PM
The Syrian regime is currently losing the battle on the ground against rebels, French President Francois Hollande says
World - Region
12/13/2012 7:11:58 PM
There is real concern that the Al-Assad troops will use chemical weapons against the rebels and civilians, says Iraqi Finance Minister Rafa Al-Essawi. The regime will fall within weeks
World - Region
12/13/2012 12:34:48 PM
As Al-Assad's forces try to push back rebels in outlying suburbs of Damascus, a bombing claims 16 lives
World - Region
12/12/2012 11:37:35 AM
The United States puts the Syrian jihadist Al-Nusra Front on its terror blacklist as it expands its military capabilities and undercuts the influence of the mainstream Free Syrian Army
World - International
12/11/2012 3:28:31 PM
Suspected of having ties with Al-Qaeda, Syrian radical Islamist rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra has been designated as a foreign terrorist group by the United States
World - Region
12/11/2012 2:46:29 PM
The latest violence threatening South Sudan's government plans to explore a huge oilfield occurred when the nation's army killed 13 people suspected of belonging to a rebel militia
World - Region
12/10/2012 2:08:49 PM
Syrian rebels led by the radical Islamist group the Al-Nusra Front make significant gains in the northern state of Aleppo
World - Region
12/9/2012 8:07:06 PM
Syrian rebels captures a sector of Sheikh Suleiman base west of Aleppo, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights say
World - Region
12/8/2012 9:28:14 PM
Fierce battle between Bashar Al-Assad regime and opposition fighters near Damascus where at least 32 people killed
World - Region
12/8/2012 4:13:55 PM
After meetings in Turkey, Syrian rebel representatives elect a new Supreme Military Council seeking to unify opposition
World - Region
12/8/2012 1:39:10 PM
The Al-Assad troops renew shelling on several areas of Daraya, which is experiencing a major military operation by army men trying to seize control of the town and its surroundings
World - Region
12/8/2012 12:32:46 PM
UN announces that 63,000 refugees flee the conflict in Syria to Iraq due to intense battling between Al-Assad forces and rebels
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