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Heritage - Islamic
1/14/2014 6:42:34 PM
A collection of ancient metal coins handed over to Egyptian authorities yesterday by a Libyan citizen are fakes
Egypt - Politics
12/9/2013 8:46:48 PM
Building had been condemned, said minister in Tripoli, but Libyan man had illegally rented out space to Egyptians who died.
Books - Review
8/29/2013 7:25:10 PM
Samer Soliman's argument about the inevitable revision of the relation between state and society, driven by crises in political economy, remains a warning relevant to any new regime
Life & Style - Multimedia
6/23/2013 11:58:42 AM
Business - Economy
3/3/2013 6:53:58 PM
Amid declining tourist numbers, cash-strapped bazaar owners in Luxor block roads to Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut Temple to demand rent exemptions
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
2/27/2013 6:38:00 PM
Antiquities ministry rejects finance ministry proposal to rent Egypt's famous archaeological sites to international tourism companies
Life & Style - Style
1/19/2013 3:29:40 PM
Galliano, ostracised from the fashion world for anti-Semitic remarks, comes under the wing of power house Oscar de la Renta for the New York Fashion Week
Opinion -
7/24/2012 6:09:59 PM
Arab states' reliance on rents has had a negative impact on economic growth and productivity and led to lack of democratic accountability
Business - Economy
7/20/2012 3:39:26 PM
Many state and private banks in conflict-torn Syria are reported to be out of funds
World - International
6/8/2012 12:07:34 PM
Police says more than 40 people were wounded and 18 killed in an attack on a bus rented by government to take staff home after work on the outskirts of the northwestern city of Peshawar
Business - Economy
4/9/2012 12:48:03 PM
Renting out its policemen is the latest way for cash-strapped Athens to raise revenues
Life & Style - Style
3/29/2012 1:07:54 PM
For fashion designers, like Deana Shaaban, who recently revealed her new collection at a locale called 18.213, the new "pop-up" venue concept for hire suits her perfectly
Business - Economy
2/23/2012 5:46:54 PM
New law will impose progressive taxes on rental properties and take effect on 1 July if passed by parliament, claims newspaper
Business - Economy
1/17/2012 7:34:41 PM
Desperate for every euro it can get after IMF bail-out, Athen says it will open up some of the country's most-famed sites to advertising and other ventures
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
12/28/2011 1:02:20 PM
By exempting small business owners at touristic sites from back rent and setting aside additional funds for medical care of ministry staff, the MSA's administration council is dealing with financial and industry realities
Business - Economy
8/25/2011 11:21:00 AM
Libyans based in Egypt's second city are heading home, booking transport and finishing rental contracts, claims state-owned newspaper
World - Region
8/6/2011 3:59:40 PM
Far from over, the protests in Israel over suffocating housing prices have been gaining more support and Saturday night hope to draw a 'critical mass'
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/18/2011 11:27:51 AM
Ahram Online gets the story from the antiquities ministry: Hawass appeals criminal court decision, which deposes him as antiquities minister for brouhaha over rental of museum bookstore
Business - Economy
4/9/2011 3:08:09 PM
Increase in housing stock will cap rent rises, says Kingdom's finance chief
Business - Region
1/24/2011 12:13:04 PM
Qatar's overall 2010 inflation is still negative with -2.4 per cent, but up from -4.9 per cent in 2009
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