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World - International
9/7/2012 3:07:55 PM
Nine men, two women and a child die after Kenyan gunmen carry out revenge attack in response to last month's massacre in southeastern Tana region
World - Region
9/7/2012 3:05:47 PM
Islamic Republic condemns jail terms of 13 Bahraini Shia opposition figures and calls for response to 'legitimate' demands of population to solve the country's political crisis
World - Region
9/3/2012 11:39:44 AM
Syria's president Bashar Al-Assad will face a massive and blistering response should his regime deployed chemical or biological weapons in its civil war, Franc's foreign minister said
World - International
8/30/2012 3:13:41 PM
The French government rejected calls by Marseille's district mayor to call in the army to battle drug-related violence in the criminal hotbed
World - Region
8/27/2012 3:15:44 PM
In a bid to help Syrian refugees who fled their country due to violence and killing in their strife-torn country, the UN Children's Fund UNICEF appeals for $54 million to scale-up emergency response activities
World - Region
8/26/2012 9:14:21 AM
In a quick response to threats made by Palestinian president Abbas that he will boycott Tehran summit, Iran decided not to invite Hamas premier in Gaza Ismail Haniya
World - Region
8/23/2012 7:08:31 PM
US and Turkish officials held their first 'operational meeting' on Syria to coordinate military, intelligence and political responses to the crisis in Syria
World - International
8/14/2012 2:28:12 PM
French President Hollande vows a tough response to the overnight rioting in the deprived neighbourhood of Amiens, where 16 policemen were injured
World - Region
8/14/2012 1:34:45 PM
More bodies are recovered following a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck northwest Iran three days ago, leaving hundreds dead, while the government was criticised for weak response
World - Region
8/14/2012 12:35:36 AM
In a response to Syria’s Assad's suppression of a 17-month uprising and against Iran’s will, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation decides to suspend Syria from the international body
Egypt - First 100 days
8/6/2012 12:22:13 AM
Mohamed Morsi's office says that those who attacked Egyptian soldiers in Sinai on Sunday will be punished
World - Region
7/23/2012 11:31:52 AM
Saudi Arabia releases five Al-Qaeda-linked women detainees in what apparently looks to be a response to calls made by a Saudi deputy consul who was kidnapped by the Islamist group in Yemen
World - Region
7/18/2012 11:00:09 PM
Free Syria Army claims responsibility for attacks that killed 3 key Assad oficials on Wednesday; battles rage in Damascus as rebels fulfill promise to fight regime in its capital; Arabs and west debate responses
World - Region
7/14/2012 7:57:39 PM
Turkey's riot police fires water cannon and teargas and catches Kurdish protesters in response to a militant operation that led to the injury of 12 police officers in southeast of the country
Business - Economy
7/2/2012 2:16:30 PM
White House calls new sanctions an 'essential part' of the international response to Tehran's alleged nuclear programme
World - Region
7/1/2012 6:48:03 PM
Islamic republic prepares to conduct battery of missile tests in three-day training exercise in response to Israeli, US threats of military action
World - Region
6/28/2012 2:18:26 PM
In a response to threats by Islamist opposition to boycott general elections, Jordan's King Abdullah II asks parliament to hold an extraordinary session early next month to amend some articles in a controversial electoral law
Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
6/24/2012 8:33:51 PM
White House spokesman Jay Carney issued the following statement in response to the election of Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi as Egypt's first post-Mubarak president on Sunday
World - Region
6/24/2012 11:41:52 AM
Netanyahu says Israeli troops responded 'forcefully' to rocket fire from Gaza and could escalate their response if truce fails to hold
Egypt - Politics
6/21/2012 1:48:55 PM
Printing house workers protested Thursday in response to accusations that they forged voting ballots; 30 questioned by prosecution
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