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World - International
5/18/2012 11:06:44 AM
An Afghan official with NATO forces revealed the death of two soldiers and the injury of six others following a Taliban rocket attack on the ISAF base in Nari district
World - Region
4/29/2012 9:51:43 AM
Lebanese intelligence officers are questioning the crew of a ship, intercepted by the army, which contained heavy machine guns, shells, rockets, rocket launchers and other explosives 'destined for Syrian rebel forces'
World - International
4/23/2012 4:14:18 PM
China stresses strong, friendly relations with North Korea despite backing the UN in its condemnation of the latter's recent rocket launch
World - International
4/15/2012 11:10:42 AM
North Korean new leader Kim Jong-Un promises to push for 'final victory' despite a failed rocket launch during his first public speech marking 100 years since the birth of Kim II-Sung, the ex-national leader and his grandfather
World - International
4/14/2012 12:23:27 PM
Tens of thousands of North Korean people gather in festivities designed to build loyalty to the ruling dynasty and especially to the untested leader Kim Jong-Un
World - International
4/13/2012 1:09:27 PM
European foreign policy chief expresses concern over North Korea's 'dangerous and destabilising' attempted rocket launch
World - International
4/11/2012 11:21:34 AM
A North Korean rocket set to launch this week prompts close cooperation between South Korea and the United States over what is suspected to be a disguised missile banned under UN resolutions
World - International
4/10/2012 1:59:05 PM
North Korea says it has finished preparations to launch a rocket carrying a satellite into space, and reiterated it is for peaceful purposes
World - Region
4/7/2012 4:58:12 PM
Israel states it found another unexploded rocket near Eilat and that half of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula has become a rocket-launching base; however Egyptian officials deny the attack was launched from the Sinai
Egypt -
4/5/2012 2:09:38 PM
Senior police figure says that the rockets were not fired from Sinai, where security is 'excellent'
Egypt - Politics
4/5/2012 10:19:48 AM
A rocket struck the southern Israeli city of Eilat on Thursday causing no casualties or damage, according to Israeli police; evidence shows it could be fired from Egypt's Sinai desert
World - Region
3/27/2012 1:44:37 PM
Residents say Al-Assad regime troops fired rocket-propelled grenades and exchanged heavy machinegun fire with rebels inside the Lebanon soil
World - Region
3/25/2012 6:05:23 PM
Russia warned that Kofi Annan represented the last chance for avoiding a civil war in Syria, while the regime forces continue shelling by tanks and rockets the city of Daraa and Homs, the center hub of the protest movements
World - International
3/24/2012 12:32:40 PM
Amid growing concerns over Pyongyang's plans to launch a rocket next month, North Korea's parliament holds its first session under the country's new young leader, Kim Jong-un
World - International
3/23/2012 1:23:33 PM
Keep calm, says China as Washington and Seoul express alarm at Pyongyang's decision to launch a rocket in mid-April to put a satellite into orbit; Tokyo ready to shoot down rocket
World - Region
3/22/2012 10:39:29 AM
Two Syrian rockets fall into Lebanese territory, says official
World - Region
3/12/2012 12:33:55 PM
Stalled Quartet mediation meetings are expected to take place in New York today amid a third day of ongoing Israeli air strikes and rocket fire from Gaza
World - Region
3/11/2012 9:45:00 AM
Rocket fire from Gaza reaches 100 into Israeli territory, while Israeli retaliation marks highest death toll in three years
World - Region
3/2/2012 5:19:06 PM
While the Syria regime forces finally approve the entrance of seven ICRC trucks carrying basic needs to Homs, 12 protesters including 5 children died when a rocket hit the restless province
World - Region
3/1/2012 10:08:18 AM
Israel to finalize its most advanced bomb shelter amid rising tensions with Iran, Israeli experts saying 200,000 rockets and missiles aimed at it now
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