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World - Region
8/25/2012 9:53:55 AM
At least 3 more people are killed as the situation in Lebanon's Tripoli worsens due to the sectarian clashes between Sunni Islamists who oppose the Al-Assad regime and Alawites who back the embattled Syrian president
Multimedia -
8/16/2012 12:33:28 AM
Ahram Online captured abandoned Christian homes, damaged businesses and Coptic residents contemplating their future in Dahshur, Giza after the recent sectarian clashes
Egypt - Politics
8/5/2012 10:25:50 PM
Sectarian clashes last week leave one Muslim man dead, dozens injured and an entire Christian community of one hundred families fleeing their hometown
Egypt - Politics
8/5/2012 10:20:00 PM
A group of Coptic protesters shouted anti-Brotherhood slogans outside the Presidential Palace in Cairo
Egypt - Politics
8/5/2012 2:14:55 PM
Following sectarian clashes that saw 120 Coptic families flee their homes in Dahshur, Egypt, a delegation of activists and Coptic leaders seek reconciliation on the ground
Egypt - First 100 days
8/4/2012 8:39:41 PM
Dashour Copts were not forced to leave but chose to out of fears of further clashes, says presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali
Egypt - Politics
8/3/2012 4:47:42 PM
Mufti Ali Gomaa said Coptic residents of Dahshur 'had not been displaced following sectarian clashes but had chosen to leave voluntarily', and they should now return to their homes under 'Muslim protection'
Egypt - Politics
8/3/2012 12:08:49 AM
President says 'Egyptian citizens won't be terrorised' in wake of Dahshur's sectarian clashes; Shura Council establishes committee to promote reconciliation; Coptic Church says violence against Christians must end
Egypt - Politics
8/2/2012 1:00:22 AM
Coptic groups stage protest after coptic homes burned, reports 120 families were expelled, in Dahshour, Giza as angry crowds attempted to 'avenge' the death of Muslim man in a personal brawl with a Copt
World - International
6/19/2012 4:35:08 PM
Washington praises Myanmar's success in containing religious tensions and preserving the stability of the newly-established democracy after a two-day clashes between Muslim Rohingyas and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists
World - International
6/14/2012 9:07:56 AM
At least 28 people were killed and 53 others injured in the sectarian clashes that erupted in western Myanmar
World - Region
5/22/2012 2:20:47 PM
Lebanese authorities free Islamist Shadi Al-Mawlawi, whose arrest earlier this month had triggered sectarian clashes between pro- and anti-Damascus groups in coastal city of Tripoli
World - Region
5/20/2012 2:05:21 PM
Lebanese army shoots dead a Sunni cleric after his convoy fails to stop at a checkpoint in unstable north
World - Region
5/15/2012 6:45:35 PM
Deadly sectarian clashes linked to the unrest in Syria may have ended for now in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, but residents warn that violence is bound to boil over again
World - Region
5/14/2012 5:37:33 PM
Following the arrest of a Sunni Islamist, sectarian clashes have shaken the divided city, leaving 5 dead
World - Region
2/26/2012 5:57:17 PM
At least three people killed in riots by Christians youth in the Nigerian city of Jos, one of the most volatile areas in Nigeria, where hundreds of people have been killed in a spate of sectarian clashes in recent years
Egypt - Politics
11/29/2011 5:44:35 PM
Fight over construction of a wall turns into sectarian conflict leaving three dead
Egypt - Politics
10/21/2011 1:17:20 PM
The European Broadcasing Union says it is unhappy about Egyptian state television's coverage of recent deadly sectarian clashes in Cairo, saying it failed to report the events impartially
Egypt - Politics
10/7/2011 5:07:08 PM
The Free Egyptians Party demands anti-discriminatory laws and unified building code for houses of worship to be issued, as promised in May
Egypt - Politics
9/30/2011 6:46:25 PM
Muslim-Christian clashes reportedly break out in Upper Egypt following alleged attempts to build a church without official permission
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