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World - International
6/28/2012 7:39:40 PM
World - International
6/11/2012 10:05:38 AM
Sectarian violence in the west of Myanmar could put the country's transition to democracy in danger if it spreads further, President Thein Sein says
World - International
6/9/2012 3:49:54 PM
US State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland says Washington is 'deeply concerned' about the sectarian violence in Myanmar as an angry Buddhist mob killed 10 Muslims on a bus
World - International
6/7/2012 10:18:14 AM
Myanmar's reformist opens investigation into a sectarian violence which erupted in the northern Rakhine state and left ten Muslims killed
World - International
5/28/2012 11:04:38 AM
3 Shia Muslims killed and 6 wounded by gunmen in the Pakistani village of Parachinar, a tribal flashpoint for sectarian violence between majority Sunni and minority Shia
Egypt - Politics
2/15/2012 6:59:00 PM
Muslim Brotherhood activists form human chain around a Sharqiya church in the central Delta valley after Coptic girl's rumoured conversion to Islam and subsequent disappearance
World - International
2/9/2012 2:26:16 PM
In hopes of escaping spate of tit-for-tat sectarian violence, Nigerians in country's south seek refuge in neighbouring Cameroon
World - Region
1/20/2012 3:09:24 PM
UN launched a massive emergency operation to help 60,000 people who has been effected by the sectarian violence in South Sudan
World - International
1/7/2012 1:17:18 PM
In a new wave of sectarian violence attacks, gunmen kill at least 13 people in the northeastern Nigerian province of Adamawa
World - Region
1/5/2012 2:35:51 PM
53 die and over 100 are wounded in the latest sectarian violence in Iraq, bystanders hold government responsible for lack of security
World - Region
12/23/2011 1:46:02 PM
US intelligence warns against sectarian violence in Iraq after the troops pullout ended the American military presence that began with the 2003 US-led invasion
World - Region
12/14/2011 12:35:30 PM
Syrian Alawite centrist political figure said on Tuesday that four of his relatives were shot or kidnapped in sectarian violence threatening to undermine a nine-month pro-democracy uprising
World - Region
10/21/2011 2:00:31 PM
Watching Gaddafi's death, some Iraqis say they believe Libya could descend into vicious slaughter as Iraq did in 2006-2007 when sectarian violence killed thousands of people and pushed the country to edge of civil conflict
Egypt - Politics
10/9/2011 6:03:24 PM
Stones thrown and gun shots fired as demonstration against sectarian violence in Egypt draws venom
Egypt - Politics
10/1/2011 7:55:36 PM
Municipal authorities and families of the small Aswan village pursue damage control after a group of Muslims attacked a hall used for Coptic sermons
World - Region
9/25/2011 4:00:53 PM
More attacks in Iraq as US troops prepare to withdraw amid fears of sectarian violence peaking as it had in 2006-2007
World - International
9/2/2011 2:12:40 PM
At least 21 people die during sectarian violence in the city of Jos as tensions between between different religious groups continue for the second week
Egypt - Politics
8/27/2011 4:08:59 PM
Giza governor Ali Abdel Rahman and other officials are to attend ‎an iftar banquet tomorrow at the church in Imbaba that was the centre of sectarian violence in May
Egypt - Politics
7/1/2011 2:22:41 PM
Six Copts, including a policeman, and four Muslims are arrested after sectarian clash in Minya
Egypt - Politics
6/21/2011 5:02:29 PM
Abeer Talaat, who turned herself into police custody when sectarian violence erupted around her story of conversion from Christianity to Islam, has been released
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