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5/6/2011 2:52:24 PM
At least 5 killed in Homs and 1 in Hama on "Friday of Defiance," activist Riad Seif detained
World - Region
5/6/2011 1:48:47 PM
Protests calling for ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad erupt in Damascus, Tel, Jassem, Banias and Amouda
World - Region
5/6/2011 12:04:04 PM
Troops pull out of Daraa after arresting 600, others deploy in Banias and Ar-Rastan in anticipation of weekly Friday demos
World - Region
5/5/2011 11:59:38 AM
Syrian army tightens security in anticipation of Friday protests, soldiers raid houses, arrest hundreds
World - Region
5/5/2011 11:21:56 AM
Syrian army's political department director says all forces will be out of Daraa by Thursday night
World - Region
5/3/2011 3:18:40 PM
Syrian coastal city Banias surrounded as international condemnation and calls for sanctions hit Assad's regime, rights group say humanitarian situation worsening
World - Region
5/2/2011 12:20:37 PM
Syrian authorities demand protesters to surrender by 15 May and continue massive arrests and shootings despite the lifting of state of emergency
World - Region
4/29/2011 4:17:33 PM
UN Human Rights Council fails to reach a mechanism that put pressures on Bashar el-Assad regime to stop killing protesters
World - Region
4/29/2011 3:06:49 PM
World - Region
4/28/2011 2:06:59 PM
12 dead, 190 wounded in Yemen when security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters, uprising escalates to call for civil disobedience in 18 cities across the impoverished country
World - Region
4/26/2011 10:43:04 AM
Pro-democracy protesters targeted by the government on Tuesday as the Al-Assad regime continues to crackdown against what it calls 'extremist terrorist groups'
World - Region
4/21/2011 2:47:38 PM
Key events in Syria's uprising that aim to outset Bashar al-Assad regime
World - Region
4/21/2011 12:08:44 PM
Syrians call for a mass protest on Friday to oust Bashar Al-Assad's regime
World - Region
4/20/2011 4:49:12 PM
Syria lifts state of emergency, cancels state security court in exchange for tight controls over demonstrations, but opposition decries death of 250 protesters since the start of the uprising
World - Region
4/19/2011 12:25:26 PM
Libyans testify to the atrocities perpetuated by troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi against civilians in Misrata
World - Region
4/19/2011 12:17:57 PM
Protests in Syria spread out and escalate despite of brutal repression at the hands of security forces, and because of it
World - Region
4/19/2011 12:06:56 PM
More violence in Taez as protesters continue to press for President Saleh to leave office
World - Region
4/19/2011 11:20:48 AM
Syrian political and human rights sources tell Ahram Online that, mirroring events in Egypt, thugs numbering in the thousands are acting as an extension of the violent security forces, quashing demonstrations
World - Region
4/18/2011 3:43:38 PM
Mourners in funeral of eight killed by an alliance of Syrian security forces and thugs protest against regime in Homs, violence escalates as Syrian protests become more frequent
World - Region
4/17/2011 4:31:45 PM
14 Yemenis are formally accused of involvement in shooting of 52 anti-government protesters, 30 others to be questioned
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