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World - International
12/1/2019 9:51:01 AM
Sunday's rallies follow skirmishes overnight between police and protesters, with tear gas fired for the first time since the November 24 district council vote
World - International
10/21/2019 6:20:51 PM
World - Region
12/15/2018 9:18:53 PM
World - Region
1/28/2015 7:50:19 PM
Clashes Wednesday on Lebanon's southern border see two Israeli soldiers killed, and seven injured, raising fears of a wider engagement between Israel and Hizbullah
Sports - AFCON 2015
1/19/2015 11:50:18 AM
Egypt - Politics
8/23/2013 5:32:00 PM
Angry mobs reportedly attacked pro-Morsi demonstrations and houses of Brotherhood members in Daqahliya and Gharbiya, leaving one dead in the latter governorate on 'Friday of Martyrs'
Egypt - Politics
7/1/2013 12:42:57 PM
Eight were killed on Sunday in crossfire and skirmishes between Brotherhood and protesters who surrounded their national headquarters in Moqattam
Egypt - Politics
6/18/2013 10:15:08 PM
Following demonstrations against controversial appointment of Gharbiya's new governor, skirmishes erupt between opponents, supporters of President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood
World - Region
6/16/2013 11:10:35 AM
Turkish police cordons off Taksim Square after skirmishes with protesters occurred in the early hours of Sunday
World - Region
6/13/2013 2:04:20 PM
Yemeni soldier loses his life in skirmishes with tribesmen who attacked a 320-kilometre pipeline attacked Thursday dawn
Egypt - Politics
3/3/2013 11:13:30 AM
Following late night skirmishes near Garden City, security forces disperse Tahrir Square sit-in, make arrests; normal traffic flow returns to the square
Egypt - Politics
2/11/2013 8:13:45 PM
Dozens of Egyptian protesters clash with Presidential Guard units in fresh round of violence outside President Morsi's official headquarters
World - Region
10/23/2012 3:06:04 PM
Libya celebrates the first anniversary of its 'liberation' of Muammar Gaddafi regime, despite rife skirmishes in the former dictator's bastions
World - Region
10/2/2012 11:09:12 AM
Regime bombardment of Syrian towns and ongoing skirmishes with rebel forces Monday results in death of approximately 160 people, 112 of whom are civilians, according to rights group; Syrian FM accuses West of supporting terrorism
Egypt - Politics
9/13/2012 6:05:00 PM
Injury toll rises to 224 in ongoing skirmishes between protesters and Egyptian security forces near Cairo's US embassy
Egypt - Politics
7/6/2012 7:33:36 PM
In wake of Friday's clashes, Egyptian lawyers threaten nation's policemen with across-the-board denial of legal representation
World - Region
4/13/2012 12:50:31 PM
UN-sponsored ceasefire is under threat as clashes rage near Turkish border while opposition activists call for mass protests after Friday prayers
World - International
3/17/2012 2:37:38 PM
New terms of engagement with US to be revealed by Pakistan's parliament that includes re-opening of supply lines to US-led NATO troops in Afghanistan after five months of border skirmishes with NATO forces
Egypt - Politics
2/1/2012 5:39:09 PM
Following skirmishes between protesters and Muslim Brotherhood members outside of the People's Assembly, the parliament has announced it will form a commission to hear their demands
Egypt - Politics
1/29/2012 10:16:34 PM
Residents of Bulaq Abu El-Ela say they had nothing to do with Sunday's melee between Maspero activists and unidentified assailants
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