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Egypt - Politics
9/25/2019 3:35:42 PM
Opinion -
3/24/2019 8:33:02 PM
Last week’s massacre of people praying in a New Zealand mosque has raised questions about the responsibility of social networks in live-streaming such horrendous crimes
Egypt - Politics
3/21/2019 6:05:01 PM
World - International
5/16/2017 11:51:18 AM
Life & Style - Style
2/24/2016 1:51:09 PM
Over the past four years, many Egyptian teenagers have become part of groups on social media networks, some ultimately looking to become celebrities
World - International
1/19/2016 12:19:42 PM
Business - Economy
11/5/2015 2:20:15 PM
World - Region
5/13/2015 7:32:49 PM
World - International
4/29/2015 9:17:31 AM
World - Region
4/7/2015 10:44:41 AM
World - International
7/4/2014 2:39:19 PM
World - International
4/17/2014 1:03:36 PM
Opinion -
11/6/2013 12:00:00 AM
After decades of restrictions, post-January 25 Revolution media in Egypt fought to remove constraints imposed on it; but after 30 June, it is heading down a road that can lead to less freedoms
World - International
11/4/2013 7:27:11 PM
Separate analysis of Twitter news sharing shows many conversations focusing on breaking news and that sentiments can shift quickly
Egypt - Politics
11/2/2013 3:22:03 PM
Politicians, film-makers and media representatives comment on the suspension of Bassem Youssef's show El-Bernameg; voices on social networks call for boycott of CBC channel
World - Region
9/17/2013 11:14:12 AM
Iranian internet users rejoice temporarily as they regain access to restricted social networks; government official deems it 'technical glitch' to be 'punished' if result of negligence
World - Region
5/19/2013 9:30:37 AM
'It only happens in Iran: the election comes, the Internet goes and all social networks are censored' says one Iranian daily
Egypt - Politics
4/6/2013 4:34:55 PM
A song by the renowned satirist criticising 'Qatar's influence' in Egypt attracts attention on social networks
World - International
11/7/2012 10:30:32 AM
Social networks specially twitter and Facebook played a major role in Barack Obama's victory
World - International
11/4/2012 12:02:01 PM
Two days before the US presidential election, social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are being used extensively to persuade the American citizens of the importance of voting and even beat the record 2008 turnout
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