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Life & Style - Health
3/19/2019 1:09:34 PM
It was associated with a 28 percent higher risk of early death from any cause, a 31 percent higher risk of death from heart disease and a 16 percent increased risk of death from cancer
Life & Style - Health
1/8/2019 1:00:54 PM
Drinking mainly sodas and sweetened fruit drinks was associated with a 61 percent higher risk of kidney disease
Life & Style - Health
10/29/2017 9:10:05 AM
Pesticides are widely used in agriculture to kill bugs, fungi and other produce-plaguing pests. They can hurt humans, too.
Life & Style - Health
1/29/2017 12:10:25 PM
The move is aimed at combatting obesity.
Life & Style - Health
11/4/2015 12:03:14 PM
Life & Style - Health
4/26/2015 9:42:46 AM
Aspartame, which is about 200 times sweeter than sugar and widely used to sweeten diet sodas, has many health drawbacks.
Arts & Culture - Entertainment
3/31/2015 7:34:49 PM
Life & Style - Health
3/5/2015 9:26:19 AM
The U.N. says people should slash their intake to just six to 12 teaspoons per day - an amount that could be exceeded with a single can of soda.
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/8/2014 2:19:00 PM
El-Mesaharaty Lab, in cooperation with Doum Cultural Foundation, will be performing 'Welad El-Batta El-Soda' (Children of the Black Duck) at Cairo's Hanager Theatre starting 14 April
World - International
2/4/2014 12:33:51 PM
World - Region
1/29/2014 3:49:43 PM
Hollywood actress has been criticised for promoting a product made at an Israeli factory in the occupied West Bank
Life & Style - Health
8/6/2013 3:17:31 PM
A study confirms the direct relation between obesity in specifically young children and frequent consumption of juices or sodas
Life & Style - Health
11/1/2012 2:34:52 PM
New research from Japan reveals yet another reason to avoid sodas and sugary beverages
Life & Style - Health
3/29/2012 11:14:26 AM
Studies have hinted that diet-soda lovers could face higher risks of diabetes and heart disease, but new findings suggest that overall diet may be what matters most in the end
Life & Style - Health
2/19/2012 10:20:13 AM
Diet soda may benefit the waistline, but a new study suggests that people who drink it every day have a heightened risk of heart attack and stroke.
Life & Style - Health
2/14/2012 2:20:08 PM
Swapping your soda for water – or at least diet soda – can boost your chances by 20% to shed a few pounds, a new clinical trial finds
Life & Style - Health
4/18/2011 3:11:01 PM
Diet soda and other artificially-sweetened drinks - previously implicated in raising the chance of developing diabetes - are not guilty, suggests a new study from Harvard University
Business - Economy
3/4/2011 11:23:37 AM
Soda giant's 2005 Libya expansion stymied by brutal family dispute, according to WikiLeaks
Business - Economy
12/3/2010 3:28:33 PM
The fizzy water industry contributes LE5.2 billion to the Egyptian economy, with more than 173,000 job opportunities.

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