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Business - Economy
1/30/2012 4:45:37 PM
Disagreements over the private equity firm's regional strategy prompts the split
Sports - Africa
1/26/2012 11:11:46 AM
FIFA has denied a split with Roger Milla despite reports the Cameroon great was dropped from its Football Committee, then resigned as a goodwill ambassador
Business - Economy
12/24/2011 11:50:49 AM
Asian split-off deal would effectively transfer most of Yahoo's 40 per cent slice in China's Alibaba Group back to the Hangzhou-based Internet company and all of its stake in Yahoo Japan to Softbank Corps
Business - Economy
12/8/2011 5:20:14 PM
With political uncertainty continuing in Egypt, the shares market remains suppressed
Business - Economy
12/7/2011 4:17:23 PM
Egyptian stock is frozen but UK trade is still going strong, with spokesman saying it has no right to force a suspension as company is reformed into two entities
Multimedia -
11/28/2011 5:42:53 PM
Egyptians head to polling stations for a landmark parliamentary election, but many in Tahrir boycott the poll
World - Region
11/14/2011 1:16:07 PM
European Union foreign ministers threaten to increase pressure on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme but are divided over possible military action
Egypt - Politics
10/20/2011 4:34:14 PM
Coalition may be best option during unstable transition period, says El-Shater; blames culture of self-interest fostered during Mubarak era for splits in Brotherhood-led Democratic Alliance
Sports - World
10/18/2011 7:09:22 PM
Arsene Wenger says “half of the dressing room” wanted to leave Arsenal in the summer, creating circumstances that would have caused other clubs to implode
Egypt - Politics
9/25/2011 2:53:51 PM
Decision to suspend sit-in before Cabinet building leads to split within ranks of independent teachers' union
World - Region
9/2/2011 2:49:34 PM
After Sudan's relatively trouble-free split in July, tensions are apparent between forces in the Blue Nile state
World - International
8/29/2011 3:37:06 PM
Yoshihiko Noda will have to overcome a split parliament, numerous economic issues and a nuclear crisis
Business - Economy
8/24/2011 6:12:43 PM
European banks may have helped split misbegotten funds between bank accounts belonging to members of Egypt's former regime, says a ministry of justice source
World - International
8/17/2011 11:50:26 AM
Prosecutors at the Yugoslavia war crimes court have proposed splitting the case against Mladic into two parts to speed up the trial and ensure a verdict is handed down against the ageing Bosnian Serb military general
World - International
8/12/2011 3:22:17 PM
While British Prime Minister David Cameron says the riots which scarred England were motivated by "pure criminality", academics and opposition parties say they also point to social deprivation
Egypt - Politics
8/11/2011 4:18:00 PM
The 6 April Movement, which played a significant role in the 25 January Revolution, is riven with internal division, with two groups claiming to represent the movement on the street
World - Region
7/31/2011 5:52:34 PM
German intelligence head Ernst Uhrlau says he thinks the Assad regime will encourage splits in an already divided opposition
World - Region
7/20/2011 3:17:16 PM
With the emergence of a new nation in Africa and Arab uprisings, Kurds in Iraq are speaking in louder voices about the possibility of increasing autonomy if Iraq's central government becomes more authoritarian
Egypt - Politics
7/19/2011 4:02:53 PM
Ahram Online explores the origins of growing splits within the Muslim Brotherhood that have led to expulsions and the emergence of factions
Business - Economy
7/15/2011 11:10:34 AM
Food prices are rising fast in Khartoum, as secession of the oil-rich south leaves the north facing a shortfall of up to 30 per cent in state revenues
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