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World - Region
12/5/2012 1:28:12 PM
After allegedly capturing an American ScanEagle drone, Iran states it found data on the aforementioned drone showing that the US was spying on Iranian military sites and oil terminals
World - Region
12/3/2012 11:54:57 AM
Unmanned US drones conduct increased surveillance of Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor, efforts result in interception of visual images and audio communications, reports Wall Street Journal
World - Region
11/25/2012 3:22:45 PM
Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency anounces the arrest of a Palestinian man residing in Jerusalem for maintaining contact with and relaying information to Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon
World - International
11/24/2012 4:23:17 PM
Russian authorities releases a physicist who was sentenced to 13 years in prison after being convicted of spying for China
World - Region
11/14/2012 2:46:57 PM
World - Region
11/9/2012 3:42:53 PM
The jailed son of Iran's ex-President denies the reality of news-reported accusations of 'spying and of having provided sensitive information to foreigners'
World - Region
10/9/2012 3:11:36 PM
A video of three Yemenis admitting to spy for the government is found with two beheaded victims. The video footage confirms that Al-Qaeda is behind the incident
World - Region
10/4/2012 8:22:35 PM
An Israeli court charges an Arab Israeli with espionage, contact with Lebanon's Hezbollah group, aiding “the enemy” in time of war and conspiracy to aid “the enemy”
World - Region
7/30/2012 4:17:03 PM
Israeli Shin Bet internal security service says that a Druze resident of the occupied Golan Heights was charged by the prosecutor with spying for Syria
Business - Economy
6/23/2012 2:46:38 PM
Flame is the most sophisticated cyber spying programme ever discovered; now experts say it can also be used to sabotage systems IT
Egypt - Politics
6/9/2012 9:14:19 PM
Controversial spying ads cut from Egyptian state TV amid fears of a negative impact on tourism
Egypt -
6/8/2012 6:02:09 PM
Foreigners acting in a friendly manner and asking questions about Egypt could be spies, warns advert on state TV
World - Region
5/28/2012 4:34:10 PM
Kuwait's appeals court reduces a death sentence verdict to life imprisonment on two Iranians and a Kuwaiti accused of spying for Iran as they worked for the Kuwaiti military until May 2010
World - Region
5/28/2012 12:05:58 PM
World - Region
5/15/2012 10:42:01 AM
Death penalty carried out on Iranian convicted of spying for Israel and killing a nuclear physicist
World - Region
3/14/2012 2:56:04 PM
Two British journalists working for Iran's English language Press TV, detained for spying in Libya by a group of militants, have been transferred to government custody
World - Region
3/5/2012 4:04:50 PM
Death sentence handed to US-born Iranian Amir Mirzai Hekmati is overturned by Iran's Supreme Court, Hekmati to be retried for spying
World - Region
2/25/2012 12:48:44 PM
The latest crackdown on Israeli espionage rings in Lebanon sees 3 Lebanese sentenced to death for spying for Israel
World - International
2/14/2012 12:54:18 PM
Radical Islamist group Boko Haram, which claims responsibility for Nigeria's deadliest attacks, warns it will soon attack mobile firms it claims are spying on them
World - Region
2/12/2012 2:48:50 PM
Two Qaeda members in in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen were executed in public by their leaders after being accused of spying
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