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Egypt - Politics
1/26/2012 1:57:41 PM
Lawyer for El-Adly in the Mubarak trial says guards at American University shot protesters during uprising; minister cut communication lines on 'Friday of Rage' because mobile phone companies were spying for Israel
World - International
1/25/2012 2:21:56 PM
23 year old Mahmmood is found guilty of betrayal and treason to the people, national sovereignty, independence, internal security and covert activities against the government of Afghanistan
World - Region
1/9/2012 9:51:25 AM
28 year old Iranian American Amir Mirza is given the death sentence in Iran for spying for the CIA
World - Region
12/22/2011 2:36:26 PM
A telecommunications employee faces seven years in prison as part of crackdown ‎on alleged Israeli spy rings that started in 2009‎
World - Region
12/13/2011 10:13:45 AM
Iran indicts 15 people on charges of spying for the United States and Israel; prosecutors give few details
Egypt - Politics
12/6/2011 5:55:19 PM
The Jordanian communications engineer accused of spying for Israel attempts to implicate the Egyptian business tycoon Naguib Sawiris in the espionage affair
World - Region
11/14/2011 10:01:03 AM
Kuwait denies that two of its citizens arrested in Iran are spying, saying they are working for a private television channel and had obtained visas to enter the Islamic republic
World - Region
11/13/2011 6:45:14 PM
Egypt - Politics
10/2/2011 3:14:44 PM
Israeli-American accused of spying for Mossad to return to US after deal with Egypt, says unnamed official source
World - International
9/30/2011 1:02:06 PM
Taiwanese professor is detained by authorities for allegedly providing Beijing with information on Chinese dissidents
Egypt - Politics
9/26/2011 6:58:26 PM
An army statement said that the man confessed to accepting money in return for spying
World - International
9/25/2011 6:01:30 PM
Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer finally touch American soil after two years in an Iranian prison facing spying charges
World - Region
9/21/2011 10:58:46 AM
The lawyer for two United States hikers convicted of spying in Iran said on Wednesday that he was hopeful the pair would be freed from prison in Tehran later in the day
World - International
9/17/2011 2:52:09 PM
Two American hiker convicted for spying in Iran need only a signature from a 'missing' judge before their release can be processed
World - International
8/29/2011 3:10:52 PM
Secrets of China’s spying cases are being shared now in YouTube which is blocked inside the country
Arts & Culture - Music
8/23/2011 11:50:30 AM
Two Americans held in Iran for more than two years have been convicted as spies and sentenced to eight years' jail, Iranian TV reported on Saturday. Formerly known as Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam calls for their release
World - International
8/20/2011 3:55:02 PM
Iran sentences two American hikers detained in the Islamic republic to eight years in prison on charges of "illegal entry" and "espionage"
Egypt - Politics
8/16/2011 1:51:51 PM
The Jordanian Foreign Ministry is closely following the case of a citizen accused of spying for Israel
Egypt - Politics
8/14/2011 4:40:01 PM
The two accused in April of spying for Israel have been referred to national security emergency court
World - Region
8/6/2011 3:25:09 PM
Iran's foreign minister has said he hopes two Americans jailed for more than a year on spying charges will be freed as their trial concludes
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