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World - International
4/19/2013 10:04:03 AM
FBI unveils photos and videos of two suspects in the Boston explosions taken from surveillance cameras
World - Region
12/3/2012 11:54:57 AM
Unmanned US drones conduct increased surveillance of Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor, efforts result in interception of visual images and audio communications, reports Wall Street Journal
World - Region
9/12/2012 9:58:22 PM
American officials tell CNN that attack on US consulate in Benghazi was planned in advance, as US Marines – along with surveillance drones – are reportedly deployed to restive North African country
World - Region
8/22/2012 9:12:00 PM
Spain increases border security with neighboring Morocco in an attempt to curb migration flows onto its territory, as fences are raised and security is surveillance increases
World - Region
7/25/2012 9:54:34 PM
A Saudi protester is freed for forty-eight hours under surveillance, following a year of his detention over taking part in anti-government protests a year ago
Business - Economy
7/9/2012 7:11:34 PM
New data reveals that more than 1.3 million requests for mobile phone records were made by US law enforcement agencies last year alone
Business - Economy
5/9/2012 2:21:55 PM
Introduced next Sunday, the new regime will improve transparency, market date and surveillance, says exchange's director
World - International
3/1/2012 9:15:55 PM
US police can now search contents of cell phones without warrant, following a federal appeals court ruling
World - Region
1/31/2012 6:33:43 PM
The Iraqi government spokesman says Washington has to obtain Baghdad’s permission ahead of using drones to facilitate surveillance measures for the embassy
World - Region
12/11/2011 12:03:02 PM
Iran will not return a U.S. surveillance drone captured by its armed forces
World - International
8/22/2011 5:51:59 PM
Niger begins air surveillance operations to monitor borders for infiltrating armed groups fleeing Libya
World - Region
7/28/2011 12:32:24 PM
Highlighting a tense mood ahead of possible Lebanese and Syrian border protests against Israel, three Israeli conscripts are court-martialled for evading surveillance duty
World - International
7/19/2011 12:33:10 PM
A Pakistan unmanned naval aircraft crashed in the southern city of Karachi when it was hit by a bird
World - International
5/23/2011 12:23:20 PM
Taliban attacked a major naval air base in Pakistan's biggest city, destroying two US-made surveillance aircraft and killing 13 personnel
Egypt -
4/5/2011 12:59:17 PM
Egypt's National Security Service should be launched shortly and consider giving access to surveillance files, say senior MOI sources to Ahram Online
Egypt - Politics
4/5/2011 11:32:04 AM
Customs officers in Cairo airport catch an Egyptian ex-cop trying to smuggle spy equipment and 44 ‎stun guns
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