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Egypt - Politics
9/19/2012 11:20:27 AM
Leftist groups, including Socialist Popular Alliance and Tagammu Party, to announce formation of new coalition on Wednesday
Egypt -
8/23/2012 7:55:10 PM
Egyptian political figures decry detention of Al-Dostour Editor-in-Chief Islam Afify as President Morsi reportedly issues new legislation outlawing practice of detaining journalists
Egypt - Politics
7/9/2012 6:10:36 PM
Leftist and liberal MPs from Egypt's main parliamentary parties set to boycott People's Assembly sessions due to resume Tuesday; reject Morsi's presidential decree
Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
6/3/2012 7:58:51 PM
Mubarak-era minister Ahmed Shafiq initially accepts proposals to guarantee basic civil liberties, in move that could win him support of leftist Tagammu Party
Egypt - Politics
6/3/2012 4:06:46 PM
Leftist Tagammu Party to support Shafiq in presidential runoff if he signs 'the document of the pledge' vowing to establish a civil state
Presidential elections 2012 -
4/30/2012 7:35:01 PM
His presidential bid lacks financial resources and accordingly he will not be able to begin campaigning as normal
Presidential elections 2012 - Meet the candidates
4/2/2012 3:00:01 PM
Presidential elections 2012 - Meet the candidates
4/2/2012 2:58:49 PM
Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
4/1/2012 4:36:05 PM
Presidential hopeful, Hisham El-Bastawisi, officially files his recommendation forms Sunday to run in upcoming presidential elections
Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
3/28/2012 12:59:15 AM
Judge Hesham El-Bastawisi announced on Tuesday that he will enter the upcoming presidential elections with the support of one of Egypt's oldest political parties
Egypt - Politics
1/19/2012 7:41:30 PM
The Tagammu will not negotiate with any Islamists to form a parliamentary alliance, says official spokesman
Business - Economy
12/3/2011 2:41:02 PM
The Ministry of Social Solidarity will change its name Ministry of Supply and Domestic Trade, giving the current minister Abdel Khaleq of Al Tagammu party more control over food prices
Elections 2011 - Political Parties
11/18/2011 3:18:03 PM
Books -
11/16/2011 4:59:54 PM
Adab wa Naqd (Literature and Criticism) is facing serious financial challenges, and may close after 27 years of continuous publication
Egypt - Politics
9/28/2011 12:19:21 PM
Political parties and activists overwhelmingly condemned the military council's latest Parliamentary Elections Law and constitutional declaration as the debate heated up in Egypt's media Tuesday night
Egypt - Politics
7/17/2011 3:46:23 PM
Coptic patriarch and head of the Tagammu party start to stress the importance each has to play in the political future of Egypt
Egypt - Politics
6/28/2011 3:23:22 PM
Families of martyrs in Suez protested today in front of the governorate offices, demanding that the trials of the policemen
Egypt - Politics
6/21/2011 12:46:56 PM
The Tagammu Party coordinates a nation-wide signature gathering to push for the establishment of a permanent Egyptian constitution before parliamentary elections
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/17/2011 4:01:17 PM
During a commemoration ceremony for the late Syrian playwright Saad Allah Wanous, organised by the creative workshop of the Tagammu party in El Zeitoun, Egyptian critics voiced their opinions of his work
Egypt - Politics
5/6/2011 5:16:58 PM
A delegation of Egyptian politicians, journalists and public figures will visit Sudan and Eritrea
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