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Al-Ahram Weekly - Features
5/19/2020 2:33:57 PM
Sherif Sonbol traces the journey of Egyptian sugarcane from field to alcohol bottle during the coronavirus pandemic
Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
3/31/2020 5:01:22 PM
Attia Essawi traces the long history of Ethiopian intransigence on Nile water negotiations
Egypt - El-Sisi's Balance Sheet
2/15/2018 7:44:31 PM
Ghada Ismail traces the journey of Egypt’s gas and petroleum sector from shortages and debt to a possible regional hub
Business - Economy
11/14/2017 6:30:55 PM
Travel - News
3/15/2017 12:25:30 PM
The museum, located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, traces the country's history through clothes, shrouds, and decorative textiles
Books -
2/25/2017 9:39:14 AM
Egypt - Politics
12/15/2016 3:46:04 PM
Arts & Culture - Visual Art
12/7/2016 8:53:44 PM
Emirati commentator on political and cultural affairs Sultan El-Qassemi's recent presentation at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina's covered almost 70 artworks by Arab artists in the 20th century
Life & Style - Health
9/22/2016 1:45:24 PM
Some of these molecular changes revert to their original state when a smoker quits, but others persist in the long term
Travel - News
9/21/2016 9:03:48 PM
Ahram Online takes you on a tour of the picturesque Mediterranean old districts in Egypt's second capital
Egypt - Politics
9/17/2016 4:35:21 PM
French newspaper Le Figaro reported Friday that French investigators had been prevented from examining the wreckage of the plane that crashed last spring en route from Paris to Cairo after the find
Rio - News
6/20/2016 4:46:09 PM
Sports - Omni Sports
3/17/2016 1:46:13 PM
Swimmer faces life ban for second positive test, traces of same illegal substance found in Sharapova test
Egypt - Politics
1/31/2016 9:48:02 PM
The Egyptian navy rescue mission covered 900 square miles but has yet to find survivors
World - Region
12/11/2015 9:23:20 PM
Folk - Special Files
10/6/2015 1:32:13 PM
With NASA recently confirming traces of water on Mars, Ahram Online takes a look at the planet's distinguished status in the ancient Egyptian's worldview
Books -
5/5/2015 9:29:26 AM
McCullough also traces their childhood in Ohio, their devoted parents and Wilbur's relentless self-education, the bicycle shop where they first revealed their mechanical genius
Books - Review
9/9/2014 12:17:59 PM
Ahmed Bahaaeddin Shaaban's new book traces the role played by students in the political upheavals of twentieth century Egypt
Life & Style - Health
6/1/2014 12:53:34 PM
Could Cadbury sweets be containing traces of pork? Saudi authorities investigate the claims previously announced in Malaysia
Books -
5/25/2014 6:16:03 PM
A new book by Fathi Hafez El-Hadidi traces the changing urban identity of Cairo via texts and rare images that capture moments of transformation of the historic city
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