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World - Region
1/27/2015 10:58:00 PM
World - International
7/17/2013 2:24:48 PM
Karzai is due to step down after serving a maximum two terms as president, with a new leader taking over in the country's first-ever democratic transfer of power
Egypt - Politics
7/10/2013 9:04:54 PM
The Obama Administration still has not determined if Egypt's transfer of power is a coup, says White House press secretary
Egypt - Politics
6/27/2012 8:01:03 PM
Tahrir Square to see another million-man protest on Friday to call for a complete transfer of power from SCAF to the newly elected president
Egypt - Politics
5/12/2012 12:18:30 PM
Lawyer Assad Heikal files a lawsuit against Egypt's ruling military and speakers of parliament to drop the constitution drafting for now to avoid a delay in transition of power to civilian rule
World - International
4/7/2012 2:32:05 PM
The EU expresses their "condolences" to the sudden death of Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika and joins international calls for peaceful transfer of power
World - International
4/7/2012 1:59:28 PM
Nigerian President urges Malawi's political leaders and security agencies to ensure an orderly transfer of presidential powers, following the death of president Bingu wa Mutharika
Egypt - Politics
2/9/2012 7:22:31 PM
Ten different protest marches are expected to converge on Egypt's defence ministry Friday to demand immediate transfer of power to civil authority
Egypt - Politics
2/1/2012 3:57:12 PM
Dissenting political forces reach consensus on speedy transfer of power to a civil authority but remain at loss as to how it should be implemented
Egypt - Politics
1/29/2012 6:46:25 PM
Supreme Council of Armed forces asks advisory council to consider transfer of power to civilian authority ahead of June deadline
Egypt - Politics
1/22/2012 7:11:43 PM
Political movements, parties call for immediate transfer of power from SCAF to newly-elected parliament
Multimedia -
11/25/2011 9:48:45 PM
A number of marches head towards a packed Tahrir Square to demand the military hands over power to civilian rule
Egypt - Politics
11/25/2011 11:54:21 AM
A blow-by-blow account of Friday protests across Egypt, calling for a swift transfer of power from military rule to a civilian government after a week of bloody clashes
Egypt - Politics
11/18/2011 8:29:09 PM
A large showing of Egypt's political forces took to Egypt's revolutionary square for the 'Friday of One Demand,'seeking a swift transfer of power and refusing the government's supra-constitutional principles
Multimedia -
11/18/2011 7:00:21 PM
A mass demonstration in Tahrir demands a transfer of power to a civilian president by 30 April 2012 and rejects the government's proposed 'supra constitutional principles'
Egypt - Politics
11/18/2011 11:10:10 AM
A blow-by-blow account of the largest Tahrir protest since July, as Islamists dominate a rally by forces from across Egypt's political and ideological spectrum demanding a swift transfer of power
Egypt - Politics
10/6/2011 4:50:52 PM
Protesters to demand timetable for transfer of power from SCAF to a civilian authority on 'return-to-barracks' Friday
World - Region
9/25/2011 10:02:46 AM
The United States expresses deep concern about events in Yemen and reiterated its call for President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who returned to the country on Friday, to make "a full transfer of power without delay"
World - Region
9/23/2011 4:21:24 PM
The White House urged Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh to begin "a full transfer of power" after his return to the country
World - Region
9/14/2011 1:54:22 PM
Thousands of Yemeni protesters went into the streets as they demanded an "immediate" transfer of power against President Ali Abdullah Saleh
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