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World - Region
6/23/2018 11:00:00 AM
Russia is pushing for the drafting of a new constitution for Syria that will threaten the transitional phase and bolster the Syrian regime
Egypt - Politics
3/17/2014 12:26:59 PM
In an wide-ranging interview, Egyptian interim President Adly Mansour discusses the upcoming presidential election, terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood and the police
Egypt - Politics
12/1/2013 11:36:34 PM
Constitution-amending committee approves four articles pertaining to the transitional phase which were initially rejected; Draft to be submitted to president Tuesday
World - Region
11/16/2013 6:41:47 PM
Ali Nasir Muhammad says that some of Yemen's problems cannot be overcome without regional guarantees; says two-state federalism is the best 'neutral' solution
Opinion -
10/23/2013 10:48:47 AM
Reconciliation with the so-called Islamist Right is tantamount to aborting the map of the future, borne of the second wave of the people’s revolution, and turning back the clock
Opinion -
8/5/2013 1:32:45 PM
Egypt's current crisis is rooted in mistakes, at times fatal, that were committed during the first transitional phase following the great people's revolution in January 2011
Egypt - Politics
7/4/2013 6:03:54 PM
Farouq El-Oqda, former governor of Egypt's central bank, is tapped to head up interim government during country's upcoming transitional phase
Egypt -
7/1/2013 9:34:13 PM
Military sources tell Ahram Online that Monday's ultimatum by armed forces reflected decision to side with demands of the people
Egypt - Politics
12/2/2012 10:50:02 PM
Presidency calls for fresh round of dialogue with all political factions to discuss issues pertaining to delicate transitional period, presidential spokesman says
World - Region
8/6/2012 6:00:00 PM
Talks take place to discuss how Egypt can assist Libya during its transitional phase
Egypt - Politics
7/7/2012 3:00:00 PM
After a year and a half, the Revolution Youth Coalition (RYC) disbands Saturday. Ahram Online takes a brief look at the January 25 Revolution's most high-profile umbrella group
Opinion -
6/16/2012 9:03:10 PM
The spirit of vengeance that marks Egypt's contemporary political discourse is no doubt a reaction to years of political oppression. It is nevertheless a disturbing phenomenon
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
6/3/2012 12:00:00 AM
Egyptian artists blast Mubarak trial verdicts, call for 'united front' to assume executive authority and lead country through new transitional phase
Egypt - Politics
5/16/2012 6:35:38 PM
Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi promises transparent presidential race, thanks military for role played during Egypt's post-revolution transitional phase
World - Region
3/25/2012 3:19:22 PM
An Islamist demonstration in staged in Tunisia as religious-secular tensions increase in Tunisia's transitional phase
Opinion -
3/20/2012 2:22:20 PM
The mismanagement of Egypt's post-revolution transitional phase has led to constitutional turmoil
Egypt -
3/3/2012 12:13:01 PM
Egypt's de factor leader expected to praise ruling military council's 'achievements' and outline transitional phase agenda in a speech to Saturday's joint parliamentary session called to discuss formation of constituent assembly
Folk - Folk Arts
12/18/2011 4:01:57 PM
Renowned visual artist Helmi El-Touni's latest exhibition depicts Egypt's ongoing transitional phase in vivid folk colours
World - Region
12/1/2011 6:35:27 PM
Yemen's opposition agrees on the lineup of an interim government to run the country's transitional phase, while at least 10 civilians and government troops died during an anti-Saleh demonstration
World - Region
10/20/2011 10:18:20 AM
Chairman of Libya's NTC warns against a chaotic transitional phase as Gaddafi's forces are still firmly resisting in his hometown Sirte
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