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Arts & Culture - Entertainment
1/27/2019 9:01:23 PM
The album garnered millions of hits over the weekend
Arts & Culture - Entertainment
9/26/2018 3:09:59 PM
The TV star released the fourth single of his 2018 album a week ago, now trending on social media
Sports - Talents Abroad
5/27/2018 1:43:15 PM
''Ramos is a dog,'' was one trending topic on Twitter in Egypt, along with other insults
Egypt - Politics
10/27/2015 7:51:21 PM
The #FreeAlaa hashtag is trending on Facebook and Twitter on the anniversary of the imprisonment of the 'Shura Council' protesters
Life & Style - Style
7/26/2015 7:08:15 PM
Ahram Online takes a peek at the fashion trends dominating the 2015 summer catwalk
Life & Style - Style
1/11/2015 10:37:56 AM
Car exhibitions in China to stop featuring female models starting this year, adding to the conservative decisions trending in the current government.
Life & Style - Health
8/28/2014 12:33:51 PM
A tight but rather an elastic band is tied on two pegs or between any two poles, height is adjusted, and then the challenge and fun starts! Welcome to the world of the new slack lining which is now trending in Egypt
Life & Style - Health
4/22/2013 3:40:01 PM
A trending teen challenge spreading across the internet and involving swallowing cinnamon powder has triggered controversy.
Life & Style - Style
8/18/2012 5:33:32 PM
Check out the photo gallery on what's trending after the Nail Fashion Week in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where manicures and accessories are booming along with the booming middle class
Life & Style - Health
1/19/2012 5:50:44 PM
Ahram Online consults an expert eye surgeon on everything you need to know before undergoing the corrective eye surgery that’s currently trending in Egypt
Egypt - Politics
6/5/2011 4:09:27 PM
The Gallup poll released Sunday reveals, among many things, that Egyptians prefer clerics serve only in advisory roles, feel compatriots are less tolerant and poorer, mistrust the US, but are positive about their future
Life & Style - Health
4/14/2011 10:36:12 PM
With yoga, pilates, and other fitness techniques trending in Egypt, the Zen Conference opens for another successful set of classes on 22 April in Haram, Cairo

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