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Egypt - Politics
3/12/2019 5:14:55 PM
Egypt - Egypt US Relations
10/4/2018 9:52:40 AM
Said Okasha assesses the points of agreement and discrepancies between the positions of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and US President Donald Trump on pressing regional issues, as revealed in their UNGA speeches
Opinion -
10/3/2018 4:53:56 PM
Will Arab countries have any say on the Middle East regional alliance Trump is imagining, and which will include Israel, regardless of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
World - Region
9/27/2018 7:00:00 AM
World - Region
9/26/2018 10:54:41 PM
While the Palestinian president has rejected US bias towards Israel, he has courted controversy in stating he is open to secret or public negotiations with Israel
World - Region
9/26/2018 4:05:21 PM
World - Region
6/6/2018 8:50:24 PM
Responsibility for maintaining peace and security is not exclusively shouldered by the UN Security Council, Ambassador Maged Abdel-Fattah tells Ezzat Ibrahim
Opinion -
1/24/2018 9:45:24 PM
The PLO's Central Council recent meeting was held at one of the most dangerous phases that the Palestinian issue is going through
Opinion -
1/20/2018 2:05:21 PM
If the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unreachable, it is time to elaborate alternatives
World - Region
12/25/2017 2:20:23 PM
World - Region
12/6/2017 8:58:03 PM
World - Region
12/6/2017 8:49:23 PM
World - Region
8/29/2017 6:17:52 PM
Opinion -
6/7/2017 12:25:29 PM
When Israel and its apologists try to shift the ground for negotiations and extract concessions, they forget it is the Palestinian people that has the first and last say on a just peace
World - Region
3/29/2017 5:39:43 PM
At the Arab Summit in Jordan, the Palestinian cause has been high on the agenda as heads of Arab states aim to bolster inter-Arab cooperation
Egypt - Politics
3/16/2017 9:24:36 PM
World - Region
2/24/2017 11:22:58 AM
Egypt - Politics
2/23/2017 6:21:16 PM
For the second time in days, Egyptian officials slam media reports that Cairo was part to any discussion on 'resettling Palestinians' on sovereign Egyptian land, insisting Egypt supports a two-state solution along 67 borders
Opinion -
2/22/2017 3:03:49 PM
Israel’s behaviour in passing a law legalising theft and looting is similar to that of the criminal in Dostoyevsky’s famous novel Crime and Punishment
Egypt - Politics
2/21/2017 7:05:00 PM
The two leaders met in Cairo on Tuesday
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