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Egypt - Politics
2/11/2013 9:17:18 AM
Opinion poll shows president continues to lose voters' confidence in urban areas and among youth but still enjoys sizeable support in poorer, rural areas; Egyptians split on Morsi's handling of political instability
World - Region
1/31/2013 1:08:21 PM
Palestinian Central Election Commission to begin registering voters in Hamas-controlled Gaza ahead of first post-reconciliation elections
Egypt - Politics
1/23/2013 5:03:54 PM
The Salafist political scene has witnessed a number of party splits, defections and new alliances, reshaping potential voter allegiances for this year's parliamentary elections
World - Region
1/23/2013 11:39:16 AM
Jordanian voters start to cast their ballots in parliamentary elections amid a boycott by the anti-regime Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt - Politics
1/21/2013 8:04:42 PM
Some 26.2 million male voters, 25.1 female voters will be eligible to cast ballots in Egypt's upcoming parliamentary elections, according to official statistics agency
World - Region
1/20/2013 3:26:23 PM
Egypt - Politics
12/22/2012 9:29:12 PM
Egypt - Politics
12/22/2012 7:52:53 PM
In the Nile Delta governorate of Menoufiya, the hometown of ousted president Hosni Mubarak, some voters refusing the draft constitution are nostalgic for 'era of prosperity'
Egypt - Politics
12/22/2012 3:41:48 PM
Clashes between Islamists and those angry with a sheikh's perceived attempt to influence voters in Alexandria before the referendum on the constitution leaves 77 injured
Egypt - Politics
12/17/2012 11:50:37 AM
Egyptians voting abroad in the constitutional referendum will close Monday evening, early turnout figures show 180,000 of 587,000 eligible voters worldwide cast their ballot
Egypt - Politics
12/17/2012 10:18:41 AM
In wake of first-phase vote that revealed unexpectedly high levels of public opposition to Egypt's draft constitution, weary voters size up implications for Egypt
World - International
12/16/2012 12:02:32 PM
In an attempt to unify left-leaning voters against the conservative front-runner, the presidential candidate from South Korea's far-left party quit
World - International
12/16/2012 10:03:28 AM
Voters begin casting ballots in Japan for a general election likely to return long-ruling conservatives to power after three years in the wilderness
Multimedia -
12/15/2012 6:59:46 PM
Registered voters in 10 out of Egypt's 27 governorates went to the polls on Saturday to either approve or reject a controversial draft constitution
Multimedia -
12/15/2012 3:57:07 PM
Ahram Online speaks to voters in the central Cairo neighbourhood of Daher as Egyptians vote to approve or reject a new constitution
Egypt - Politics
12/14/2012 7:19:08 PM
Egypt's National Salvation Front call on voters to say 'no' to constitution in spite of no guarantee of proper referendum monitoring
Egypt - Politics
12/10/2012 8:58:13 PM
Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC) says registered voters who refrain from taking part in Egypt's scheduled 15 December constitutional referendum will face fines of LE500 each
Egypt - Politics
12/10/2012 7:48:33 PM
Egypt's judicial body wants the law to be changed so referendum votes cannot be cast in any location
World - International
11/26/2012 1:13:04 PM
Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says he will decide what to do depending on whether the left's candidate turned out to be Renzi or former communist Bersani
World - Region
11/25/2012 11:01:56 AM
Sunday's primary voting will decide who makes it onto the Likud party list which will be put to voters
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