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World - Region
10/4/2012 3:45:32 PM
Analysts argue that NATO backs Turkey's position on recent crisis with Syria, but no willingness for military operation in the war-torn state
World - Region
10/3/2012 7:13:56 PM
UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova expresses dismay over the damage done to Syrian cultural heritage in war-torn Aleppo, amid clashes between rebels and regime forces
World - Region
10/1/2012 5:00:56 PM
NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen expresses 'great concern' about chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria and says the military alliance is monitoring the situation closely in the war-torn state
World - Region
9/27/2012 5:41:55 PM
Almost 70,000 Syrian refugees escaped the war-torn country and crossed into neighboring Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey, UN refugee agency says
World - Region
9/25/2012 4:13:29 PM
Iraq decides it will provide humanitarian aid to Syria and begin humanitarian relief for the war torn country
World - Region
9/24/2012 6:13:56 PM
International envoy to the war-torn Syria Lakhdar Brahimi tells the UN Security Council that the torture of detainees has become 'routine' and that people are afraid to go to regime-controlled hospitals
Business - Economy
9/19/2012 12:39:46 PM
National carrier restarts daily flights to Syria's war-torn second city after clashes near airport caused a temporary shutdown
World - Region
9/17/2012 4:17:59 PM
UN human rights investigators expands the list of Syrian and military units involved in committing war crimes during the 18-month domestic conflict in the war-torn country
World - International
9/10/2012 4:24:03 PM
Somalia's parliamentarians will begin electing new president in the final stage of a UN-backed process to set up new administration for the war-torn state
World - Region
9/4/2012 11:38:59 AM
Newly appointed Red Cross chief arrives in Syrian capital Damascus for talks with President Bashar Al-Assad on ways to get humanitarian aid to war-torn country
World - Region
8/25/2012 9:59:57 AM
As violence and bloodshed continue in Syria, the head of the now-defunct UN observer team in Syria, General Babacar Gaye, left Damascus leaving the war-torn country to its fate
World - Region
8/20/2012 3:32:13 PM
As the Syrian crisis crossed the border of the war-torn country, King Abdullah II of Jordan is set to meet US Vice President Joe Biden in Washington
World - Region
8/20/2012 2:19:10 PM
Syria's ally Russia accuses the United States and the European countries of providing the rebels with large amount of weapons that trigger the conflict in the war-torn country
World - Region
8/17/2012 11:31:43 AM
Syrian forces launch fierce attacks against rebels in Aleppo and Damascus, coming one day after the United Nations decided to end its observer mission in the war-torn state
World - Region
8/16/2012 12:00:39 PM
A Syrian envoy in Beijing for talks praises the attitude of Russia and China which have used their veto to hinder three UN resolutions calling for more action to stop violence in the war-torn state
World - Region
8/14/2012 11:56:18 AM
A special adviser to President Bashar Al-Assad will meet Chinese Foreign Minister ahead of a UN Security Council meeting on the future of its mission in the war-torn Syria
World - Region
8/13/2012 11:21:50 PM
The Syrian living in the war-torn city of Aleppo encounter a severe hunger crisis as fighting between President Bashar Al-Assad's forces and rebels shows no signing of stopping
World - Region
8/9/2012 12:47:34 PM
Members of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur unveil report about alleged aerial bombing that forced villagers to flee the war-torn Sudanese region
Business - Economy
7/26/2012 10:10:45 PM
In this interview, investigative journalist Greg Muttitt talks about efforts by US occupying forces, multinational oil giants and Iraq's newly-minted 'leaders' to privatise the war-torn nation's coveted oil sector
World - Region
7/22/2012 5:21:29 PM
Iran's foreign minster Ali Akbar Salehi says the situation in Syria is calm and the Iranian citizens who live there are not asked to leave the war-torn Arab country
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