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Sports - Africa
5/20/2013 10:18:08 PM
Cameroon striker scores winner against Lokomotiv Moscow on Monday amid backdrop of political violence in Dagestan capital
World - Region
5/20/2013 3:58:10 PM
Officials say at least 70 people were killed in Iraq following a string of car bombs and shootings
World - Region
5/20/2013 10:10:00 AM
In a new wave of violence hit Iraq, at least 20 people are killed in car bombs
World - Region
5/15/2013 8:01:42 PM
A string of car bombs exploded in four of Baghdad's urban centres, killing at least six and injuring 29
World - Region
5/15/2013 4:33:05 PM
Twelve are killed in two car bombs and roadside blast in Kirkuk, Iraq, two of them targeting police
World - Region
5/11/2013 5:14:57 PM
World - Region
3/29/2013 8:29:01 PM
A Car bomb in Iraq near Shiite mosques leaves at least 18 killed
World - Region
3/19/2013 11:30:53 AM
At least a dozen car bombs and assassinations hit Iraqi capital on eve of 10th anniversary of US-led invasion killing fifty
World - Region
3/19/2013 10:45:11 AM
At least a dozen car bombs and assassinations hit Iraqi capital on eve of 10th anniversary of US-led invasion
World - Region
3/1/2013 10:37:44 AM
Officials say five people were killed and dozens wounded following an explosion in Iraq
World - Region
2/28/2013 6:49:50 PM
At least 15 are killed and 50 others injured in a series of bombings around the Iraqi capital Baghdad
World - Region
1/17/2013 11:51:17 AM
A day after 42 people were killed in a wave of attacks across Iraq, 12 people die and 64 others injured in a series of bomb attacks
World - Region
12/15/2012 6:56:26 PM
At least six people were killed in car bombs attack across Baghdad
World - International
12/13/2012 4:45:05 PM
Two civilians killed, 15 others injured and four International Security Assistance Force soldiers wounded when suicide car bomb explodes near NATO airbase in southern Afghanistan
World - Region
11/28/2012 11:29:30 AM
Two car bombs kill at least 20 in Eastern Damascus on Wednesday
World - Region
11/27/2012 6:03:11 PM
Six people killed and 16 wounded in car bombs in Kurdish areas in norther Iraq
World - Region
10/23/2012 6:55:59 PM
World - Region
10/15/2012 2:58:24 PM
Security forces in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula remain on high alert following warnings that local militant groups are planning attacks on security targets, Israeli press claims
World - Region
10/3/2012 10:23:03 AM
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says dozens of people were killed and injured following an explosion in restive city of Aleppo
World - Region
7/31/2012 2:47:55 PM
Twin car bombs have killed at least seven people and wounded at least 25 others, Iraqi medical officials say
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