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Life & Style - Food
2/14/2016 11:21:01 AM
Finding a good burger in Cairo is not always easy, but some stops offer decent sandwiches to grab or sit and enjoy
Life & Style - Food
2/3/2016 10:30:35 AM
A stop in the middle of a nice stroll in old Cairo prompts the discussion of the man whose name is engraved in the place – the Naguib Mahfouz Café
Life & Style - Food
1/4/2016 2:53:02 PM
10 possible desserts for Coptic Christmas dinner/lunch – before embarking on the traditional Kahk and the less traditional Christmas cookies
Life & Style - Food
12/23/2015 1:37:28 PM
Enjoying the light and delicious varieties at the table of Ayadina is only made rich with a debate about civil war and art through the Fawwaz Traboulsi book 'Guernica-Beirut'
Life & Style - Food
12/12/2015 7:47:23 PM
Chefs from all over the world come to Cairo for the Cuisine Festival sponsored by Al-Ahram's Nisf El-Doniya
World - Region
12/9/2015 3:28:26 PM
The Riyadh meeting for Syrian opposition factions could at least serve as a door opener to streamlining the many differences within the anti-Bashar Al-Assad camp
Arts & Culture - Music
12/6/2015 6:36:52 PM
Ahram Online catches up with Finnish soprano Riikka Hakola, currently performing in Cairo and Alexandria
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
11/23/2015 10:00:00 PM
Some of those who went to vote, and those who did not, share similar ‎hopes and fears as they speak to Ahram Online
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/27/2015 9:43:08 PM
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/19/2015 10:44:02 PM
Many non-voters in Upper Egypt's Assiut expressed that their reason for not going to polls came down to not seeing any of the candidates as likely to represent them and fix the problems that the constituents face
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/18/2015 10:17:59 PM
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/16/2015 11:29:00 AM
For some Copts running for parliament, the time ahead should be one of consolidation, not addressing the panoply of Coptic grievances, or asking too much of the state
Egypt - Politics
10/6/2015 3:13:49 PM
Three decades after members from their ranks assassinated Sadat, the Egyptian state is keen to maintain an aura of fear around Islamist groups, says political scientist Wahid Abdel-Meguid
Books -
10/1/2015 6:28:44 PM
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
9/30/2015 5:00:24 PM
After the cultural decline of a once shining Mediterranean star, Alexandria's old glamour is now being revived by the city’s youth and public spaces
Egypt - Features
9/29/2015 6:48:42 PM
An interview with writer Youssef El-Qaeid sheds light on Egyptians' obsession with having a 'savior-leader' and explains why, 45 years after his death, Nasser is still a key figure
Egypt - Politics
9/27/2015 10:13:44 PM
“Things are changing; it is not immediately visible but there is a new spirit, or maybe a re-found old spirit,” said Alexandrian novelist-researcher Alaa Khaled
World - Region
9/17/2015 9:29:40 PM
The survival of the Palestinian cause depends firmly on an innovative and more holistic approach to the longest running Arab ordeal, media-history expert Nahawand Elkadry Eissa tells Ahram Online
Egypt - Features
9/16/2015 12:24:53 PM
For Syrian refugees in Egypt, often the risk of death by drowning is worth taking, compared to their prospects if they stay
Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/14/2015 2:42:15 PM
An exhibition of the collection of notes, photos and oral memories of leftist figure Wedad Mettri is showcasing the many stories of Egyptian women in the 20th century
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