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Folk - Folk Arts
9/18/2016 10:18:25 PM
The stick art, known as Tahtib, is a famous and ancient Egyptian folk art that is now taking on a modern twist
Life & Style - Food
9/5/2016 3:04:37 PM
AlReef ElDemashqi attracts clients encouraged by its delicious, not overly expensive food
World - Region
9/5/2016 12:38:10 PM
According to Arab diplomats, the Saudis are very worried by the continued and inconclusive war they have been waging against the Iranian-supported Houthis in Yemen which the Saudis consider their immediate backyard
Life & Style - Food
8/27/2016 2:42:26 PM
Fernando’s gives a fresh face to Italian restaurants that have always been closely associated with the Alexandria dining out tradition
Life & Style - Health
8/25/2016 8:13:57 PM
Ahram Online talks with Hussein Gohar, a prominent gynaecologist, about how Egypt should combat the practice of female genital mutilation
Egypt - Features
8/24/2016 12:36:16 PM
Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/20/2016 6:03:32 PM
Bringing painting and photography together, Salwa Rashad aims to reveal hidden connections and deeper meanings borne betwen places and people
Life & Style - Food
8/19/2016 7:00:00 PM
Fresco has a large diversity of sweets--mostly chocolate and ice cream-based--to offer
Egypt - Politics
8/3/2016 7:19:40 PM
Life & Style - Food
7/5/2016 7:41:33 PM
Out with the kounafa and in with the Charlotte
Life & Style - Food
7/4/2016 11:45:20 AM
Across Cairo, five Syrian stores have been delighting Ramadan and Eid tables with traditional sweets
Egypt - Politics
7/3/2016 6:16:57 PM
The Mubarak-era foreign minister and new Arab League chief sheds light on the final years of Mubarak's rule, discussing the political ambitions of Mubarak's son, Egypt-US relations, and the negative impact of an ailing president
Life & Style - Food
6/27/2016 2:53:23 PM
Missing ‘regular mama food’, sick of ordering junk, too consumed to cook – for all of those individuals and families, the culinary version of Uber is offering the answer
Egypt - Politics
6/25/2016 12:57:13 PM
Institution to Defend the Constitution member Hoda El-Sadda speaks to Ahram Online about reasons for 'conditional hope and deep worry'
Life & Style - Food
6/19/2016 10:48:21 PM
Tamara Al-Rifai, the coordinator of Syrian catering service Zeit Zeitoun, tells Dina Ezzat about food, life in exile and nostalgia for her country
Life & Style - Food
6/13/2016 8:16:17 PM
Number one restaurant reviewer Mourad Makram tells Dina Ezzat that Egypt could be well-placed for food tourism
Life & Style - Food
6/13/2016 11:44:45 AM
A leading chef on Egypt’s only cooking channel, Magy Habib says that cooking goes way beyond the recipes to the very heart of the ingredients and culture
Heritage -
6/5/2016 1:30:03 PM
Coptic history researcher Robert Al-Faress tells Ahram Online the journey of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus through Egypt is not just an event in 'Christian history' but should be taught to and celebrated by all Egyptians
Life & Style - Food
5/22/2016 7:18:54 PM
Ahram Online reflects on Polish cuisine and culture with an acclaimed Polish chef visiting Egypt
Egypt - Politics
5/16/2016 7:05:53 PM
Veteran press syndicate member Hussein Abdel-Razik says it is 'simply impossible' to keep the syndicate away from public affairs
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