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Opinion -
5/15/2018 12:59:42 PM
President Trump appears to believe that other countries should pay for protection, whether requested or not. His policies will isolate America and undermine its hegemony
Opinion -
4/15/2018 2:30:53 PM
Can the Wafd Party present a candidate in the next presidential elections?
Opinion -
2/13/2018 7:38:00 PM
Trump has indicated that the US will move to develop its tactical nuclear weapons arsenal. This constitutes a threat to every other country, and humanity as a whole
Opinion -
1/22/2018 1:54:23 PM
Will the Sochi Conference establish a new Syria altogether different from the one previously known?
Opinion -
1/2/2018 6:12:24 PM
Despite some difficulties surrounding current Egyptian-Russian relations, an extended strategic relationship may be in the works
Opinion -
12/21/2017 9:32:27 AM
Is the Arab region heading toward war?
Opinion -
11/9/2017 10:09:53 AM
While Egypt may suffer defeats, it's influence remains strong, enduring the ebbs and flows that confront all states and societies
Opinion -
10/12/2017 11:22:56 AM
The new census figures show the continued existence of a range of issues for policy-makers, including illiteracy, early marriage, and a youth bulge
Opinion -
9/6/2017 4:54:27 PM
It seems that the world, especially the West, must adapt to non-traditional terrorist operations that can be difficult to detect beforehand and that aim at killing civilians in apparently random ways
Opinion -
8/10/2017 2:07:47 PM
Directed against Syrian refugees, an ugly parochialism has emerged in Lebanon that could threaten the country's delicate model of coexistence
Opinion -
7/21/2017 7:38:38 AM
A state's sovereignty is not absolute. It is governed by international law and internationally agreed principles, as well as the rights of neighbouring states
Opinion -
6/14/2017 5:32:36 PM
Ankara has gone too far in its defence of Qatar when it should have been trying to persuade the emirate to change its policies
Opinion -
6/11/2017 12:30:47 PM
The deterioration of the situation in Yemen has raised calls for the secession of southern Yemen, but that step is neither easy nor straightforward
Opinion -
3/16/2017 9:46:11 AM
Israel has several reasons to launch yet another aggression on Lebanon; Tel Aviv is simply waiting for the time and the pretext
Opinion -
2/19/2017 2:09:57 PM
Are we on the threshold of a new stage of globalisation, and if so will it meet the demands of developing countries?
Opinion -
12/15/2016 1:25:13 PM
The withdrawal of seven Arab countries from the recent Arab-African Summit in Malabo furnished more proof that burying one's head in the sand is not an effective strategy in international relations
Opinion -
11/28/2016 12:49:09 PM
As much as the US presidential elections was about the future of America, it was also an evaluation of Obama's legacy
Opinion -
10/20/2016 12:24:51 PM
With cyberwar and online privacy invasion becoming the norm, it's time for a global dialogue to redefine 'sovereignty'
Opinion -
8/23/2016 11:51:31 AM
Will Trump victory in the US presidential elections lessen Washington's engagement in global issues related to global security?
Opinion -
8/17/2016 9:35:19 AM
The corruption revealed in wheat collecting is not the first and will not be the last case. Without effective monitoring and a strict legal system, any attempt to combat corruption will flounder
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