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World - Region
8/14/2018 8:36:32 PM
The UN’s special envoy to Yemen has called for direct talks. But with Tehran upping its tug-of-war with Washington, it doesn’t appear likely that a comprehensive settlement is near
Sports - Egyptian Football
8/12/2018 9:43:14 PM
Sports - Egyptian Football
8/11/2018 9:07:11 PM
Opinion -
8/8/2018 8:29:48 PM
Bolstered by Arab disarray, Israel is forging ahead with its own version of a final settlement to the Arab-Israeli conflict
Business - Economy
8/7/2018 10:24:03 AM
World - Region
8/2/2018 9:36:24 PM
The UN’s special envoy to Yemen is trying to revive prospects of a comprehensive settlement, but the increasingly complex weave of regional entanglements threatens his efforts
Egypt - Politics
8/1/2018 7:15:08 PM
Sports - World
7/31/2018 10:29:21 AM
Analysis -
7/28/2018 9:28:57 PM
China’s commercial cooperation with the Arab world serves both parties economically, but the Arabs get to score a political win against Iran along the way
World - Region
7/21/2018 2:30:55 PM
Sports - National Teams
7/19/2018 5:32:32 PM
Business - Economy
7/12/2018 10:44:47 AM
The SICO Express 3, Egypt’s new locally made tablet computer, was launched on the market this week
Opinion -
7/4/2018 9:05:27 PM
Despite the recent Middle East tour by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the so-called “Deal of the century” faces entrenched Arab opposition
World - Region
6/29/2018 2:12:11 PM
Some measure of calm has returned to Jordan after recent protests, but without fundamental economic reform crisis will only reoccur
World - Region
6/23/2018 9:42:27 AM
Linked by the war in Yemen, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are forging ahead with enhanced ties in numerous fields, solidifying their combined regional influence
World - Region
6/13/2018 8:37:53 PM
The announcement came two days after Qatar's rivals Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates made a $2.5-billion pledge to Jordan in conjunction with Kuwait
Business - Economy
6/11/2018 9:56:23 PM
World - Region
6/10/2018 4:18:25 PM
World - Region
6/9/2018 11:39:33 AM
World - Region
6/6/2018 8:50:24 PM
Responsibility for maintaining peace and security is not exclusively shouldered by the UN Security Council, Ambassador Maged Abdel-Fattah tells Ezzat Ibrahim
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