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World - Region
10/20/2011 3:17:37 PM
Awaiting an official statement confirming the capture or death of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan TV says NTC leader is due to speak to the public
World - Region
10/20/2011 1:38:33 PM
Muammar Gaddafi was captured as his hometown of Sirte was falling on Thursday, a National Transitional Council commander said, adding that the ousted Libyan strongman was badly wounded
World - Region
10/20/2011 1:25:44 PM
World - Region
10/20/2011 11:51:52 AM
Last significant bastion of pro-Gaddafi loyalists defeated almost three months after regime overthrown
World - Region
10/20/2011 10:18:20 AM
Chairman of Libya's NTC warns against a chaotic transitional phase as Gaddafi's forces are still firmly resisting in his hometown Sirte
World - Region
10/19/2011 4:37:42 PM
Teenagers inspired by fathers and brothers fight last remnants of Gaddafi regime
World - Region
10/19/2011 1:25:54 PM
Anti-Gaddafi fighters launched a fresh assault on Wednesday against the ousted strongman's remaining holdouts, now pinned into a small corner of his hometown Sirte
World - Region
10/18/2011 6:00:26 PM
Revolutionary fighters battle for the remaining two neighbourhoods in Sirte loyal to Gaddafi as NATO and the US say they would not yet terminate mission in Libya
World - Region
10/17/2011 4:51:00 PM
Libyan interim government forces raise the country's new flag over Bani Walid, but it remains unclear whether NTC forces have completely captured the town
World - Region
10/17/2011 2:07:05 PM
Integrating Libya's many militias into the country's new regime, two months after they drove Muamer Gaddafi from power is high on the agenda of British Foreign Secretary Hague to Tripoli
World - Region
10/16/2011 5:11:38 PM
National Transitional Council forces launch a fresh assault on the estimated 1,500 pro-Gaddafi fighters holed up in Bani Walid
World - Region
10/16/2011 2:20:19 PM
Fighting around the last pockets of resistance in Muamer Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte abated sharply on Sunday with some besieging troops saying they were deliberately holding fire after an exodus of civilians
World - Region
10/15/2011 1:59:20 PM
Libyan fighters besieging the last pockets of resistance in Moamer Kadhafi's hometown Sirte are holding back because they want to capture top regime figures alive
World - Region
10/15/2011 12:27:00 PM
Libya's new leadership on Saturday pressed a campaign to clear the capital of armed loyalists of Muamer Gaddafi after fierce gun battles killed three people in the first fighting to rock Tripoli since its capture in August
World - Region
10/14/2011 11:50:47 AM
New regime forces in Libya regroup for a new bid to take full control of Muammar Gaddafi's hometown Sirte after a reverse at the hands of the fugitive strongman's remaining loyalists
World - Region
10/13/2011 11:26:30 AM
Conflicting news surrounds the capture of Mutassim Gaddafi after his capture was announced last night; Gaddafi's top cleric captured attempting to leave Sirte
World - Region
10/13/2011 10:26:46 AM
A Free Libya Brigade commander says they've cornered Gaddafi loyalists to two neighbourhoods in the regime stronghold of Sirte
World - Region
10/11/2011 4:04:08 PM
The long running battle for Sirte is still underway as the civilian death count increases, but Libyan NTC forces claim they are close to capturing Mo'tassim Gaddafi
World - Region
10/11/2011 12:00:03 PM
An official on Libya's governing council says that he believes Moammar Gaddafi is hiding in the southwestern desert near the borders with Niger and Algeria
World - International
10/10/2011 4:56:01 PM
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