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World - Region
9/26/2011 12:07:38 PM
Anti-Gaddafi fighters encircle the city of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast from the east, south and west while NATO warplanes pound the city for a third straight day
World - Region
9/25/2011 6:42:06 PM
After Libya's rebel forces make their deepest plunge into Gaddafi's bastion Sirte, fellow fighters boast high spirits and press on towards another major holdout
World - Region
9/25/2011 2:41:10 PM
Libya's opposition fighters stepped up a siege of Muammar Gaddafi's hometown hoping to wear down loyalist forces a day after an offensive failed to remove loyalists to Gaddafi
World - Region
9/24/2011 5:26:12 PM
Libya's rebel fighters enter Gaddafi's hometown Sirte while the NTC gives assurances of forming government by next week
World - Region
9/24/2011 11:55:38 AM
World - Region
9/24/2011 11:47:34 AM
Business - Economy
9/23/2011 9:26:16 PM
In August, as rebels fought forces loyal to President Muammar Gaddafi, two representatives of a British business consortium took a 'rather long and arduous ferry journey from Malta' to the North African country
World - Region
9/23/2011 2:06:02 PM
A Libyan commander says an NTC fighter was killed and a packed family car destroyed while helping residents flee Moamer Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte
World - Region
9/22/2011 3:57:02 PM
Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim says that NATO and National Transitional Council forces' fire killed 151, reports shortages at main hospital
World - Region
9/22/2011 10:16:28 AM
The advance on Sirte has been put off for a week as a shortage of ammunition is being faced, and new supplies are to be collected from Benghazi
World - Region
9/21/2011 9:45:53 AM
Seizing Gaddafi-stronghold Sirte continues to prove difficult as anti-Gaddafi fighters suffer heavy casualties
World - Region
9/20/2011 4:18:57 PM
Libyan forces fail to capture Gaddafi's last bastions this past week; take a breather to organize more effective attacks
World - Region
9/19/2011 2:55:57 PM
Libya's new rulers dispatch heavy guns and rockets as the tough battle for Gaddafi loyalist stronghold Sirte continues, forcing hundreds of its residents to flee
World - Region
9/19/2011 11:25:57 AM
Libya's interim leaders fail to agree on a new cabinet as the forces that toppled Muammar Gaddafi remain bogged down in fighting
World - Region
9/18/2011 12:53:46 PM
Revolutionary forces retreat from Sirte after a fierce battle with pro-Gaddafi forces, at least 24 fighters belong to the National Transitional Council
World - Region
9/17/2011 3:53:19 PM
Revolutionary fighters struggled to expand the offensive into Gaddafi's hometown with street-by-street battles and commanders seeking to break open a new front against loyalist forces
World - Region
9/17/2011 3:17:50 PM
World - Region
9/17/2011 10:09:25 AM
Troops loyal to Gaddafi unleash barrages of rockets to beat back revolutionary troops who were about to seize the town of Bani Walid
World - Region
9/17/2011 10:08:12 AM
The U.N. Security Council eases sanctions on Libya to enable key institutions to recover
World - Region
9/16/2011 4:39:59 PM
Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, remembers those who sacrificed themselves and calls for unification as he gives a speech in Tripoli, whilst Libyan fighters blitz Sirte
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