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World - International
1/12/2012 9:58:58 AM
US Marine Corps investigates video showing soldiers urinating on 3 dead bodies, Marines statement says action inconsistent with core Marines values and character
World - International
1/7/2012 3:24:04 PM
Pakistan needs to keep readjusting its diplomatic stand toward Israel based on the mere fact that it exists and is not going away, Pervez Musharraf told Israeli newspaper Haaretz
World - International
1/6/2012 12:25:48 PM
Taliban requests the transfer of prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay to Qatar, while President Hamid Karzai rejects the hardline Islamists’ demand and wants them to be sent directly to Afghanistan
World - International
1/5/2012 6:52:11 PM
Captives had been abducted three months ago in Pakistan's Bajaur tribal ‎region
World - International
1/5/2012 11:00:31 AM
Despite recent statements about peace with the Pakistani government, Taliban insurgents claim to have killed 15 security force members kidnapped last month
World - International
1/3/2012 5:39:25 PM
Taliban to open overseas office, possibly in Qatar, reflects readiness to engage with US and Karzai government over political settlement
World - Region
1/3/2012 3:07:10 PM
Qatar among locations being considered for office outside of Afghanistan
World - Region
1/1/2012 2:31:53 PM
France supports the US efforts to open peace talks with the Taliban, and opening a Taliban political office in Doha
World - International
12/29/2011 12:37:25 PM
Taliban roadside bomb kills 10 Afghan policemen, including a police commander and three new recruits
World - International
12/26/2011 2:51:34 PM
Kabul shows willingness to engage with Taliban out of fear they would forge agreements with the West to open office in Qatar, stresses importance of negotiations for peace
World - International
12/24/2011 11:21:04 AM
Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility for an attack on a paramilitary camp in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, saying it was meant to avenge the death of commander Taj Gul in a US drone strike in October
World - International
12/15/2011 10:24:42 AM
With Pakistani Taliban embedded in North Waziristan, the country's military resists US pressure to launch a sweeping offensive, a major source of tension in bi-lateral realtions
World - International
12/10/2011 12:21:20 PM
Hamid Karzai's spokesman says the Afghani President is not planning to change the constitution and run for a third term, calming Western fears concerning the democratic transition in the country after the US invasion in 2001
World - International
12/6/2011 12:10:09 PM
Dual deadly bombs attack mosques: a suicide bomber killed at least 54 people with him when he detonated next to a Shiite shrine and shortly after a bicycle bomb exploded killing four near a main mosque
World - International
12/5/2011 2:39:58 PM
The United States and other nations vowed Monday to keep supporting Afghanistan after most foreign forces leave the country in 2014, as the nation faces an enduring Taliban-led insurgency and possible financial collapse
World - International
12/1/2011 3:47:06 PM
NATO hands over local control of a peaceful province to Afghan security forces, a move that came after President Hamid Karzai's declaration of an expected switch of seven cities and dozens of districts in the coming weeks
World - International
11/24/2011 2:57:02 PM
An attack by Taliban on a NATO logistics convoy results in 10 Afghan security guards dead
World - International
11/16/2011 11:39:41 AM
Afghan president discuss the terms and conditions for long term relation with US including the American military bases in country
World - International
11/16/2011 10:03:49 AM
Around ten missiles crash into a compound near northwest Pakistan killing up to eighteen people, in a US mission against the Taliban
World - International
11/13/2011 10:52:18 AM
Six people were killed and four wounded when a bomb planted in a donkey cart exploded in a remote town in northwest Pakistan's tribal Khyber district Sunday
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