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Al-Ahram Weekly - World
10/31/2019 7:50:00 PM
A Saudi-sponsored deal in Yemen may pave the way to a political solution to the conflict in the country
World - Region
10/30/2019 8:38:30 PM
UAE troops returned from Aden governorate in southern Yemen after successfully liberating it from both Houthis and other terrorist actors
World - Region
10/25/2019 4:23:00 PM
Despite Yemen’s status as the world’s worst current humanitarian disaster, its parties continue to vie for narrow gains, ignoring the suffering of ordinary people, writes Hanan Al-Hakry
World - Region
10/24/2019 5:56:00 PM
World - Region
10/23/2019 6:03:09 PM
World - Region
10/10/2019 1:43:55 PM
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
10/8/2019 10:17:08 PM
Fresh talks appear underway. But will Iran commit to a genuine peace in Yemen, asks Ahmed Elieba
Al-Ahram Weekly - Features
10/8/2019 10:05:07 PM
Many children in the war-torn Arab countries of Libya, Syria and Yemen have become unable to imagine a world free of daily violence
Arts & Culture - Music
10/8/2019 8:10:46 PM
The band performs Yemeni traditional music with Egyptian accents
World - Region
10/8/2019 6:18:55 PM
An increase in tensions between Riyadh and Tehran was caused by attack on Aramco's oil facilities in September
Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
10/5/2019 6:39:00 PM
Traditional Yemeni music and costumes, topped with Yemeni oud known as El Torbi are among highlights of the newly formed band
World - Region
10/5/2019 1:12:35 PM
World - Region
10/3/2019 12:53:09 PM
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
10/2/2019 12:32:45 AM
Despite the Houthis’ attack on Saudi Aramco installations and the “unconfirmed” capture of 2,000 Saudi soldiers, there still might be a prospect of peace, if the armed movement ceases military operations, writes Haitham Nouri
World - Region
9/30/2019 6:21:30 PM
World - Region
9/30/2019 10:50:25 AM
Egypt - Politics
9/28/2019 5:51:29 PM
The drills started six days ago in Saudi Arabia and included as participants naval and special forces from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Djibouti, Sudan and Yemen.
World - Region
9/28/2019 5:23:00 PM
Opinion -
9/25/2019 9:33:13 PM
With Trump reluctant to take military action against Iran, the Arabs are painted into a corner and should rethink their strategic relation with Washington, writes Hussein Haridy
World - Region
9/25/2019 9:22:27 PM
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