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World - International
12/28/2012 4:22:21 PM
US drones kill four people in a Pakistani region near the Afghan border
World - Region
12/11/2012 12:28:07 PM
After allegedly capturing a spy US ScanEagle drone recently – which the US denied – Iran claims to have shot down more spy drones of the same model in the past and says copies of said drone are now being produced in Iran
World - International
12/9/2012 3:16:02 PM
A senior Al Qaeda commander was killed in his home by a US unmanned aircraft attack in Pakistan; the second leader drones take out in three days
World - Region
12/5/2012 1:21:19 PM
Tehran ironically asks the US Fifth Fleet to 'recount' its drones as the earlier had captured a ScanEagle drone despite Washington's denial
World - Region
12/3/2012 11:54:57 AM
Unmanned US drones conduct increased surveillance of Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor, efforts result in interception of visual images and audio communications, reports Wall Street Journal
Business - Economy
11/21/2012 5:06:00 PM
Cairo signs protocol with Ankara for purchase of Turkish-manufactured unmanned aerial vehicles, Turkish press reports Tuesday
World - Region
10/18/2012 3:29:56 PM
A US drone strike in the southern Yemeni city of Jaar kills at least seven Al-Qaeda members, officials report
World - International
9/30/2012 5:23:57 PM
Iran's neighbour Azerbaijan has explored with Israel how its air bases and spy drones might help Israeli jets pull off a long-range attack on the Islamic Republic, local sources say
World - Region
9/12/2012 9:58:22 PM
American officials tell CNN that attack on US consulate in Benghazi was planned in advance, as US Marines – along with surveillance drones – are reportedly deployed to restive North African country
World - International
6/19/2012 12:57:35 PM
The US is under fire from the United Nations over its use of predator drones; investigator says US must provide enough information to show its compliance with international humanitarian law
World - International
6/4/2012 6:21:10 PM
Pakistan's foreign ministry slams 'illegal' US drone strikes which killed 27 people according to officials, says they breach the country's sovereignty
World - International
3/25/2012 1:40:48 PM
Tehrik-e-Taliban group vows to attack Pakistani MPs if parliament orders reopening of NATO supply routes to Afghanistan
World - International
3/13/2012 4:52:06 PM
15 suspected militants are killed in Pakistan's South Waziristan by two US drones
World - Region
3/12/2012 10:02:17 AM
American air strike on southern Yemen kills at least nine militants believed to be Al-Qaeda members
World - Region
2/18/2012 1:06:25 PM
US officials allegedly admit that spy drones are operating in Syrian airspace, without Assad government permission and with not even an embassy as a pretext
World - Region
1/31/2012 6:33:43 PM
The Iraqi government spokesman says Washington has to obtain Baghdad’s permission ahead of using drones to facilitate surveillance measures for the embassy
World - International
12/6/2011 1:14:24 PM
American military evacuates base widely believed to have been hub for covert CIA drone war after last month's NATO air strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers
World - Region
11/3/2011 2:00:15 PM
Officials reveal the death of at least three militants affiliated to the anti-American Haqqani network in northwest Pakistan following a US drone strike
World - International
10/30/2011 10:14:45 AM
In its efforts to quell Al Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Yemen, the Washington Post reports that the US Air Force has been flying drones launched from Ethiopia in a secret campaign
World - International
10/28/2011 5:18:23 PM
Pakistanis stage protest outside Parliament to demand an end to American drone attacks, accusing the US of practicing terrorism
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