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Al-Ahram Weekly - World
3/24/2020 7:26:54 PM
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to be the biggest stumbling block to forming a new government in Israel, raising the prospect of yet more elections, writes Saeed Okasha
Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
3/17/2020 5:32:40 PM
Israel’s third round of general elections in a year didn’t resolve the political crisis at the heart of the Israeli polity, writes Abdel-Alim Mohamed
World - International
3/15/2020 12:19:37 PM
The government ordered unprecedented sanitary measures at polling stations
World - International
3/11/2020 2:44:03 PM
World - Region
3/9/2020 3:42:57 PM
Opinion -
3/9/2020 12:03:00 PM
Could Democratic Party frontrunner Bernie Sanders win the party’s nomination and stand against US President Donald Trump in this year’s US presidential elections
Opinion -
3/8/2020 12:51:00 PM
The Democratic primaries to pick a nominee for November’s US presidential elections could fracture the party, pitting left against left
World - Region
3/5/2020 8:34:00 PM
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
3/4/2020 1:50:00 PM
Despite talking tough, early indications suggest that Israel’s Netanyahu will not easily be able to form a government following Monday’s general elections — the third in less than a year
World - International
3/4/2020 11:38:59 AM
Bernie Sanders, seized the biggest prize with a win in California
World - Region
3/2/2020 11:35:01 AM
Opinion -
3/1/2020 11:14:00 AM
The year is unlikely to see bold US moves on the international scene as domestic considerations ahead of November’s election take priority
Opinion -
3/1/2020 11:12:00 AM
Multiple domestic factors appear set to continue to impact foreign interactions between the world’s major powers this year
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
2/28/2020 5:53:00 PM
With most reformers disqualified from running, Iran’s parliamentary elections returned a landslide victory for conservatives, albeit on meagre voter turnout
World - International
2/26/2020 1:25:32 PM
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
2/25/2020 10:32:28 PM
To avoid the threat of snap elections, Tunisia’s fragmented parliament is set on approving prime minister-designate Elyes Fakhfakh’s new government
World - Region
2/23/2020 2:41:11 PM
World - Region
2/23/2020 1:59:12 PM
Voters had limited options on Friday's ballot, as more than 7,000 potential candidates had been disqualified, most of them reformists and moderates
World - Region
2/23/2020 12:04:12 PM
Core departments like the security services have remained funded but many other areas have suffered as Knesset fails to pass 2020 budget
Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
2/20/2020 11:40:00 AM
Parliamentary elections are dominating debate in political circles
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