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Folk - Special Files
12/1/2015 2:40:29 PM
Beiba is the name of the troupe that aims to revive and chant fading away folk songs
Folk - Folk Arts
12/1/2015 1:13:00 PM
Your luck, you lucky fellow
Folk - Folk Arts
11/30/2015 11:06:15 AM
If you’re afraid, don’t speak up and if you speak up, don’t be afraid
Folk - Folk Arts
11/29/2015 1:25:18 PM
He who you underestimate will beat you
Folk - Folk Arts
11/28/2015 3:10:54 PM
Don't show it when you hate someone and don't show it when you love them
Folk - Folk Arts
11/27/2015 1:16:27 PM
The most beloved of children are the children of one’s children
Folk - Folk Arts
11/26/2015 12:05:14 PM
Get your daughter engaged before your son
Folk - Special Files
11/25/2015 3:33:33 PM
Local legend has it that a brunette woman with a child still guards the temple that stood next the ancient lake in Upper Egypt
Folk - Folk Arts
11/25/2015 11:49:49 AM
In return for a favour, he was slapped in the face
Folk - Folk Arts
11/24/2015 3:00:12 PM
Some bad news makes you cry and some makes you laugh
Folk - Folk Arts
11/23/2015 4:14:58 PM
If a stone keeps the jar upright then it can also keep the tank upright
Folk - Street Smart
11/21/2015 8:08:49 PM
The historical treasures of the ancient districts of Cairo, in addition to the autumn breeze, make taking a walk through Islamic Cairo the perfect weekend treat
Folk - Folk Arts
11/21/2015 11:15:14 AM
The sleep of the tyrant is worship
Folk - Folk Arts
11/20/2015 9:33:36 AM
The day has eyes
Folk - Folk Arts
11/18/2015 11:35:10 AM
Tomorrow we will sit on the wall and hear the weeping
Folk - Folk Arts
11/17/2015 1:11:26 PM
Mournful singing with a tambourine is better than having an idle man at home
Folk - Folk Arts
11/16/2015 4:06:00 PM
The stars in heaven are closer to you
Folk - Folk Arts
11/15/2015 4:21:45 PM
Better to be blind in one eye than blind in both
Folk - Folk Arts
11/14/2015 10:49:00 AM
I can prepare you for burial but I cannot guarantee you'll go to heaven
Folk - Special Files
11/13/2015 11:48:54 AM
El-Fustat market faces the Religion Complex in Coptic Cairo and is an excellent venue for rich artistic handicrafts
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