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Folk - Folk Arts
9/21/2015 10:37:08 AM
O people, your turn will come
Folk - Folk Arts
9/20/2015 11:13:53 AM
Translation: A builder goes up, a digger goes down
Folk - Folk Arts
9/19/2015 10:54:06 AM
May my wealth not survive my days
Folk - Folk Arts
9/18/2015 10:07:19 AM
He didn’t see them stealing, he saw them dividing the loot
Folk - Folk Arts
9/17/2015 3:24:03 PM
Dress up the reed and it will look like a bride
Folk - Special Files
9/17/2015 3:08:56 PM
Ahead of CULTNAT publishing, 30 September, the memoires of Egyptology guru Selim Hassan, Ahram Online digs into the life and achievements of the legendary archaeologist
Folk - Folk Arts
9/16/2015 11:36:39 AM
He won't let anything go by him, not even leftover food
Folk - Folk Arts
9/15/2015 11:30:31 AM
A secret between two people is like a locked drawer, but among three people it's out the door
Folk - Folk Arts
9/14/2015 12:11:06 PM
We said nothing and now he brings his donkey inside
Folk - Folk Arts
9/13/2015 11:53:17 AM
He has mastered seven skills, but is cursed with bad luck
Folk - Folk Arts
9/12/2015 2:28:17 PM
They asked Goha, “where is your homeland?” He answered, “wherever my wife lives”
Folk - Folk Arts
9/11/2015 11:38:48 AM
They told Goha "count your sheep." He said, “one is standing and one is lying down”
Folk - Folk Arts
9/10/2015 1:42:11 PM
They said, “the fish is shooting fire.” He said, “the water will extinguish it”
Folk - Special Files
9/9/2015 1:56:19 PM
This week marks the anniversary of Saint Verena, an Egyptian who made her name in Europe. Ahram Online remembers the woman who healed bodies and souls
Folk - Folk Arts
9/9/2015 12:42:31 PM
He's sick and pretending to be a doctor
Folk - Folk Arts
9/8/2015 5:25:04 PM
We found God through reasoning
Folk - Folk Arts
9/7/2015 11:25:34 AM
Goha went up the palm tree, carrying his slippers
Folk - Folk Arts
9/6/2015 10:53:01 AM
Those who love you would chew gravel for your sake, and those who hate you can't wait to see you make a mistake
Folk - Folk Arts
9/5/2015 11:45:43 AM
Even a wilted flower keeps its scent
Folk - Folk Arts
9/4/2015 12:38:48 PM
Settle your financial accounts, even with your brothers
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