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Folk - Folk Arts
8/6/2015 1:17:53 PM
Where are you going, wonderful big woman? I am going to fix the skinny woman
Folk - Folk Arts
8/5/2015 12:56:32 PM
God is a wise provider, he doesnt create more cold than a cover can protect against
Folk - Photo Heritage
8/4/2015 3:43:00 PM
Known as cities of resistance, the canal cities of Port Said, Ismailia and Suez, also have beaches, but they have never been a real summer destination for vacationers
Folk - Photo Heritage
8/4/2015 3:21:00 PM
Ahram Online remembers the opening of the Suez Canal on 17 November 1869
Folk - Folk Arts
8/4/2015 5:55:18 AM
Lucky is the person who has the power to punish, but forgives
Folk - Special Files
8/3/2015 2:50:05 PM
As Egyptians celebrate the new Suez Canal, Ahram Online digs deeper into the origins of the idea
Folk - Folk Arts
8/3/2015 1:52:54 PM
Water gives the lie to the fake diver
Folk - Folk Arts
8/2/2015 3:14:27 PM
Don’t say: she’s lucky to have a child, but say she’s lucky she found happiness
Folk - Folk Arts
8/1/2015 4:02:45 PM
Not every time the earthen jar will remain safe
Folk - Folk Arts
7/31/2015 10:52:07 AM
He who trusts you, do not betray, even if you are treacherous
Folk - Folk Arts
7/30/2015 4:24:02 PM
No love occurs except after enmity
Folk - Folk Arts
7/29/2015 11:07:27 AM
Your tongue is your horse; if you respect it, it will respect you; and if you humiliate it, it will humiliate you
Folk - Folk Arts
7/28/2015 5:24:42 PM
Like the mother of a bride, not doing much but preoccupied
Folk - Folk Arts
7/27/2015 12:46:20 PM
The world belongs to the victor
Folk - Folk Arts
7/26/2015 10:43:55 AM
If you have a blood relation, don’t go into business with him nor allow marriage between your children
Folk - Folk Arts
7/25/2015 12:41:10 PM
If your son comes of age, treat him as a brother
Folk - Folk Arts
7/24/2015 10:59:10 AM
If you miss the wagon of government service, drop to the ground and roll in the dust of its trail
Folk - Folk Arts
7/23/2015 6:10:55 PM
That which frightens you most, can be the best thing that happens to you
Folk - Folk Arts
7/22/2015 10:20:32 AM
Better eat barley than rely on the charity of a condescending provider
Folk - Folk Arts
7/21/2015 12:58:30 PM
"It’s a bull,” I told him. “Milk it,” he insists
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