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World - Region
5/10/2013 3:48:26 PM
Several hundreds protest against 'terrorism' outside the national assembly shouting 'Tunisia is free, terrorism out!'
World - Region
5/8/2013 2:44:04 PM
'We will pursue our confrontation with the violent terrorist groups, dismantle their structures and bring them to justice', Tunisian PM says
World - Region
5/7/2013 3:38:23 PM
Jihadist leader calls for attacks against French interests around the world due to Mali intervention
World - Region
5/7/2013 2:08:35 PM
World - Region
5/2/2013 12:53:55 PM
2 jihadist groups of 15-20 people each are in the Mount Chaambi and Algerian border
World - Region
5/1/2013 5:58:02 PM
A group that consists of more than 50 Salafi jihadists clash with Tunisian police in an area close to the Algerian borders
Books - Review
4/29/2013 3:46:55 PM
Insider Maher Farghali recalls story of hardline Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya - which took up arms against the Egyptian government - and challenge of repentance
Egypt - Politics
4/25/2013 6:27:51 PM
Members of group reportedly apprehended last week while trying to blow up Egyptian military facility in border city of Rafah
World - Region
4/23/2013 12:36:12 PM
Lebanse Salafists call upon their supporters to show solidarity with pro Bashar's fighters and stand up to their defence, calling it a "jihadist duty"
Egypt - Politics
4/21/2013 6:24:18 PM
Brother of Al-Qaeda leader warns Egypt's Coptic Christians could take advantage of instability and failure to implement Islamic Sharia law
Egypt - Politics
4/17/2013 12:20:19 PM
A Salafist jihadist group claim responsibility of rocket fired at Israel's Eilat
World - Region
4/14/2013 12:19:34 PM
List and description of some key anti-Assad Islamist groups, which include independent fighters, Muslim Brotherhood allies, Salafists and the jihadists of Al-Nusra Front
World - Region
4/9/2013 5:22:14 PM
Syrian rebels distanced themselves from Syrian Jihadist group, Al-Nusra Front, soon after Al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed links to it
World - Region
4/4/2013 5:23:17 PM
Tunisian police increase security forces at Tunis airport after Islamists plan large turnout to welcome radical Salafist sheikh Imed ben Salah evicted from Egypt for forging travel papers for jihadists
Books - Review
3/31/2013 5:23:30 PM
The Egyptian security apparatus under Mubarak had no guiding philosophy and mostly depended on the use of violence, says Hamdy El-Batran in new book
World - Region
3/31/2013 9:25:53 AM
Algerian authorities give the all-clear for a union of imams to defend the material and moral rights of the preachers and to act as a bulwark against imported religious ideas, Salafist or other
World - International
3/30/2013 6:57:04 PM
Nine people killed in fierce battle between Tuareg separatist group and jihadist fighters in northern Mali
Egypt - Politics
3/18/2013 5:00:00 PM
The 25 defendants are tried on charges of forming a terrorist group and committing an armed robbery on a jeweler's shop in Cairo in 2007
World - Region
3/17/2013 4:30:05 PM
Syrian state media accuses Lebanon and Jordan of playing with fire by allowing jihadists and weapons to pass across their borders into Syria
World - Region
3/15/2013 4:08:34 PM
Damascus accuses Jordan of opening its borders and permitting the entrance of weapons coming from Saudi Arabia, claiming it could 'intensify the conflict'
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