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World - Region
3/31/2013 9:25:53 AM
Algerian authorities give the all-clear for a union of imams to defend the material and moral rights of the preachers and to act as a bulwark against imported religious ideas, Salafist or other
World - International
3/30/2013 6:57:04 PM
Nine people killed in fierce battle between Tuareg separatist group and jihadist fighters in northern Mali
Egypt - Politics
3/18/2013 5:00:00 PM
The 25 defendants are tried on charges of forming a terrorist group and committing an armed robbery on a jeweler's shop in Cairo in 2007
World - Region
3/17/2013 4:30:05 PM
Syrian state media accuses Lebanon and Jordan of playing with fire by allowing jihadists and weapons to pass across their borders into Syria
World - Region
3/15/2013 4:08:34 PM
Damascus accuses Jordan of opening its borders and permitting the entrance of weapons coming from Saudi Arabia, claiming it could 'intensify the conflict'
World - Region
3/13/2013 11:20:11 AM
Two-year Syrian crisis carries sectarian dimension amid presence of Sunni Muslims, Christians, and ruling Alawites in war-torn state
World - Region
3/11/2013 11:37:51 AM
The Syrian army will at all costs hunt down the rebels on Baba Amr even if it destroys the anti-regime neighbourhood, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says
World - International
3/11/2013 11:36:54 AM
The jihadist network in Mali's north funds itself by levying a tax on smugglers running drugs from Latin America to feed Europe's ever-growing market
Egypt - Politics
3/9/2013 2:13:16 PM
Security are on heightened alert in the strategic Sinai Peninsula bordering Israel after they were tipped off that jihadist groups will attack police institutions
World - Region
3/6/2013 2:19:57 PM
I support Al-Nusra Front against the Syrian regime, Lebanon's Druze leader says
World - International
3/3/2013 4:08:25 PM
Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the Islamist leader Chad claims its soldiers killed was a notorious kidnapper, smuggler and jihadist with a variety of nicknames, from 'The Uncatchable' to 'Mr Marlboro'
World - Region
3/3/2013 2:31:41 PM
Saudi cleric calls protesting an 'act of corruption' and indicates demands for change to the govt should be made 'politely'
World - Region
3/2/2013 8:11:59 PM
Early reports that an Al-Qaeda leader was killed are not yet confirmed by jihadist sites
World - Region
3/2/2013 3:18:13 PM
Free Syrian army commanders fears that Islamists would hijack their the Syrian revolution
World - Region
3/2/2013 11:48:15 AM
Saudi Arabia police accuse the protesters of acting on behalf of "deviant groups", a term the authorities usually use to refer to the Al-Qaeda jihadist network
World - Region
2/24/2013 8:16:23 PM
The jihadist Al-Nusra Front claimed responsibility for a suicide attack earlier this month on an army factory in the central province of Hama that reportedly killed at least 60 people
World - Region
2/21/2013 6:51:14 PM
In the deadliest bombing in Damascus since bombers first began targeting the capital about a year ago, a blast kills 56 people, including 15 troops, and wounded more than 200
World - International
2/21/2013 6:21:56 PM
World - International
2/21/2013 2:50:33 PM
Military source reveals the eruption of fight in the French-controlled city of Gao against 'Jihadists' in Mali
World - International
2/14/2013 9:50:06 PM
British Foreign Secretary William Hague says war-torn Syria had become the "number one destination" for jihadists and Islamic extremists from around the world
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