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Arts & Culture - Visual Art
2/3/2016 6:50:32 PM
Italian painter Maurizio Meldolesi will present a selection of religious-themed paintings at the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center
Egypt - Politics
1/8/2016 8:29:16 PM
World - International
1/7/2016 8:59:31 PM
Egypt - Politics
12/30/2015 9:18:12 PM
A petition has been launched calling for the release of Behery, who was jailed for 'contempt of religion,' with several prominent figures adding their voices to his defence
World - Region
12/23/2015 3:59:51 PM
Opinion -
12/17/2015 11:36:00 AM
Military intervention and religious reform will not counter terrorism without genuine democratic transformation
Egypt - Politics
11/22/2015 1:53:17 PM
President El-Sisi underlined that Al-Azhar, the highest seat of in Sunni Islam, has a key role to play in countering extremism and developing a moderate religious discourse
World - International
11/5/2015 9:12:01 AM
World - International
10/19/2015 9:21:42 AM
Egypt - Politics
10/15/2015 4:59:10 PM
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
10/14/2015 6:38:27 PM
In this interview, El-Namnam speaks about his plans as Minister of Culture, and stresses on the need for a revival of the arts, as well as a revision of religious discourse
Egypt - Politics
10/13/2015 9:02:42 PM
The Ministry of Religious Endowment revealed early Tuesday the names of Egyptians killed and gone missing in the incident
Egypt - Politics
10/13/2015 11:58:47 AM
Egypt - Features
10/11/2015 10:49:01 AM
Islam El-Behery is an Islamic researcher well known for his TV shows that tackle controversial religious issues
Egypt - Politics
10/10/2015 8:19:03 PM
Egypt's sole Islamist party has stepped up election campaigns to win 15 seats reserved for the West Delta constituency amid heated debate over its religious platform
Egypt - Politics
10/6/2015 9:32:59 PM
Saudi authorities placed the total death toll of the Mena stampede at 769, with at least 934 injured
Egypt - Politics
9/30/2015 6:25:43 PM
Pope Tawadros did not explicitly name any particular party, but reports suggest he meant the Salafist Nour Party — the only Islamist party participating in the coming parliamentary polls
World - International
9/26/2015 3:00:24 PM
Egypt - Features
8/28/2015 8:11:24 PM
The Virgin Mary continues to be a figure of faith and fascination for Egyptians of different religious traditions
Egypt - Politics
8/26/2015 10:07:19 PM
Egypt's Ministry of Endowments announced on Wednesday that it supports a campaign aimed at preventing religious parties from contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections
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