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Egypt - Politics
6/27/2016 3:35:43 PM
The House of Representatives will begin state budged discussions on Monday
Egypt - Politics
6/26/2016 6:50:52 PM
Saudi King Salman's Sinai development programme was finally approved by Egypt's parliament on Sunday
Business - Economy
6/15/2016 4:23:35 PM
Egypt - Politics
6/14/2016 10:59:04 PM
Egypt's parliament is currently discussing a proposed law that would abolish jail terms for publishing-related offences
Egypt - Politics
6/14/2016 3:33:05 PM
A legislative amendment which grants Egyptian president ‎Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi the right to reshuffle the Higher Press ‎Council flew through parliament's media ‎committee Tuesday
Egypt - Politics
6/13/2016 6:36:55 PM
If the amendments to the controversial 2013 protest law are passed by cabinet, the legislation will be then discussed by the parliament for the first time
Egypt - Politics
6/12/2016 3:25:16 PM
Egypt - Politics
6/9/2016 11:09:23 PM
Several members of parliament welcome the government's recent announcement that it is ready to consider changes to the 2013 which sent large numbers of demonstrators to prison
Egypt - Politics
6/4/2016 9:06:43 PM
Egypt MPs approved Saturday that Saudi King Salman's Sinai development programme needs only to be discussed and voted on by parliament without putting it to a national referendum
Egypt - Politics
5/30/2016 12:02:33 PM
The speaker of Egypt's parliament Ali Abdel-Aal has caused a row ‎after accusing independent research centres of trying to disrupt the country's institutions
Egypt - Politics
5/17/2016 10:51:44 AM
A Media and Culture Committee report in parliament concluded that the Journalist’s Syndicate was mistaken to shelter journalists in the building who had accusations against them
Egypt - Politics
5/16/2016 7:28:39 PM
Two US embassy delegations visited Egypt's ‎parliament on Sunday and Monday to discuss ‎cooperation in security, military and economic ‎areas
Egypt - Politics
5/15/2016 8:18:56 PM
El-Sadat said the verdict against the youth is like a “medal on their chests” that represents their allegiance to their homeland and the defence of its property
Egypt - Politics
5/9/2016 10:01:57 PM
The official recognition of 'Support Egypt' will allow its MPs to gain control of parliament’s 25 committees, for which elections will be held in May
Egypt - Politics
5/8/2016 10:00:00 AM
French Parliamentary Affairs Minister Marie Le Guen expressed also his wish to strengthen bilateral relations with Egypt’s parliament
Egypt - Politics
5/7/2016 11:53:14 PM
Egyptian speaker of parliament Ali Abdel-Al is expected to devote part of Sunday's plenary session to discussing the current crisis between the Journalists Syndicate and the Interior Ministry
Egypt - Politics
5/2/2016 3:48:25 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/26/2016 8:11:41 PM
The head of parliament's Human Rights Committee said he was against street protests organised on 25 April because they lead to 'fueling political divisions and congestion'
Egypt - Politics
4/23/2016 7:17:21 PM
A parliamentary bloc in support of Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi won most of the leading posts of parliament's 25 committees
Egypt - Politics
4/23/2016 11:09:26 AM
Elections for leading posts of Egypt 25 parliamentary committees begin Saturday, with businessmen aiming to have a strong say
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