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Arts & Culture - Film
10/29/2014 5:50:13 PM
36th Cairo International Film Festival will run between 9 and 18 November at the Cairo Opera House
World - Region
10/27/2014 7:05:58 PM
Arts & Culture - Film
10/26/2014 7:08:19 PM
Opening in Egyptian theatres 1 October, Sherif Arafa’s El-Gezira 2 placed all its bets on prosaic content to attract a large viewership
Arts & Culture - Film
10/21/2014 2:51:14 PM
The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) has announced the initial list of titles competing in its Muhr Short Competition, part of the festival's 11th edition slated for 10-17 December
World - Region
10/18/2014 6:57:01 PM
Egypt - Politics
10/18/2014 5:15:31 PM
Egypt's head of House of Representative affairs, has appointed parliament's first secretary-general from the military
World - Region
10/14/2014 9:21:18 PM
Arts & Culture - Film
10/12/2014 3:41:10 PM
Sequel to 2007's El-Gezira, starring the late Khaled Saleh, well ahead of other releases for this year's Eid holiday
Business - Economy
10/4/2014 4:36:38 PM
Egyptian government plans to present projects worth $100 billion to international investors at the event
Egypt - Politics
10/2/2014 9:12:44 PM
Syndicate calls on authorities for prominent activist to be transferred to external hospital due to 'grave threat' from hunger strike
Arts & Culture - Film
10/1/2014 4:13:53 PM
Eyes of a Thief, which also stars Algerian singer and songwriter Souad Massi, is the second feature film by Palestinian/Jordanian filmmaker Najwa Najjar
Arts & Culture - Film
10/1/2014 4:40:35 PM
Two films featuring actors Khaled Saleh and Youssef Eid, both of whom died last month, headline list of holiday premieres
Arts & Culture - Film
9/29/2014 2:19:50 PM
A range of actors, media and political figures gathered on Sunday at the wake of late Egyptian actor Khaled Saleh
Egypt - Society
9/26/2014 7:11:50 PM
Much-loved actor Khaled Saleh died on Thursday following surgery
Multimedia -
9/25/2014 6:32:55 PM
Celebrating actor Khaled Salah, who died on Thursday at the age of 50
Arts & Culture - Film
9/25/2014 6:48:17 PM
Khaled Saleh was one of Egypt's most respected actors over the last two decades, with an impressive list of cinema and television productions under his belt
Egypt - Politics
9/18/2014 9:51:08 PM
Egypt - Politics
9/18/2014 10:41:19 AM
Ali, who has filed a lawsuit against Egypt's controversial protest law, is the latest high profile figure to join a temporary hunger strike in solidarity with 'political detainees'
Arts & Culture - Film
9/8/2014 6:01:48 PM
Written and directed by a Palestinian/Jordanian filmmaker Najwa Najjar and starring Khaled Aboul-Naga, feature drama Eyes of a Thief will screen in Ramallah Cultural Palace on 9 September
Egypt - Politics
9/6/2014 6:03:04 PM
El-Sergany joined Al-Ahram establishment in the 1980s, but also contributed to Al-Masry Al-Youm and Al-Gomhoreya newspapers
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