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Egypt - Politics
8/23/2014 7:25:56 PM
Friday's accident in South Sinai left 44 dead and 35 injured
Egypt - Politics
8/23/2014 4:52:07 PM
Cairo commits to host indirect negotiations between Palestinian factions and Israel, calling for dialogue that will help reach an agreement
World - Region
8/23/2014 1:13:52 PM
President Abbas spoke of renewed attempts at negotiations in Egypt
World - Region
8/22/2014 6:17:58 PM
Folk - Folk Arts
8/22/2014 8:08:18 PM
Beit El-Sennari opens its doors to public this week in its second forum entitled "With Egypt on My Mind" from Tuesday 26 - Thursday 28 August
Arts & Culture - Film
8/22/2014 12:53:23 PM
Egypt - Politics
8/22/2014 8:16:59 PM
Egypt - Politics
8/22/2014 10:38:54 AM
The government has detained the drivers for questioning and a drug test; a criminal act so far ruled out; 19 bodies unidentified; road might lack radar (GALLERY)
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/21/2014 3:48:14 PM
Controversy arises after troupe led by director Islam Emam refuses to take part in festival competition
Egypt - Politics
8/20/2014 7:52:14 PM
Two trucks collided in Giza's Mansheyet El-Qanater, leaving seven killed and 11 injured
Egypt - Politics
8/20/2014 9:00:31 PM
Assurance comes after meeting with President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who has pressed for a rapid solution for Egypt's increasing blackouts
World - Region
8/19/2014 10:04:29 PM
Arts & Culture - Music
8/19/2014 2:55:39 PM
A series of Saturday concerts will feature Beethoven's symphonies, under the baton of the principal conductor and artistic director Ahmed El-Saedi
Egypt - Politics
8/19/2014 12:56:51 PM
US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf says president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi is leading a democratic transition, strategic relationship with Egypt ongoing, government should tolerate dissent
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/18/2014 9:02:08 PM
Monthly concerts will give all proceeds to Egypt's ailing economy, while concerts also expected at site of Suez Canal mega project to motivate workers to finish on time
World - Region
8/18/2014 3:51:19 PM
Mahmoud Abaas to discuss ceasefire initiative with El-Sisi
Egypt - Politics
8/18/2014 3:50:47 PM
Court heard witnesses recount details of Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders' escape from prison during the 2011 revolution
Arts & Culture - Music
8/18/2014 2:05:31 PM
Bands including Nour Project, Soot Fel-Zahma and Wasla will perform in Alexandria on 23 August
Egypt - Politics
8/17/2014 9:24:26 AM
Muslim Brotherhood leaders are accused of killing, inciting killing and violence, owning weapons and belonging to an armed group over clashes at the group's headquarters last year
Sports - Omni Sports
8/16/2014 5:04:06 PM
Egyptian wrestler and television presenter Mamdouh Farag dies after suffering illness
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