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Egypt - Politics
5/23/2016 6:35:23 PM
World - Region
5/16/2016 9:48:09 PM
Egypt - Politics
5/8/2016 9:30:10 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/24/2016 12:28:42 PM
In February, the court sentenced eight of the 28 defendants to a preliminary death sentence but did not issue sentences for the remaining 20 defendants
Opinion -
4/23/2016 5:04:15 PM
World - Region
4/17/2016 5:33:51 PM
World - Region
4/14/2016 7:00:20 PM
World - Region
4/13/2016 7:39:22 PM
Egypt - Features
4/4/2016 5:57:02 PM
Experts say that the disagreements between Egypt and Saudi Arabia over some regional issue will not affect the long term partnership
Egypt - Politics
4/3/2016 3:13:55 PM
Eight of the defendants have received preliminary death sentences on violence related charges
Egypt - Politics
3/28/2016 5:45:26 PM
Judges relieved of their duties for supporting ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. Decision cannot be appealed, coming after 15 judges from pro-Morsi movement were dismissed on similar charges last week
Egypt - Politics
3/27/2016 6:55:17 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/27/2016 6:26:44 PM
El-Hariri, for whom a three-year jail sentence was overturned, said his acquittal was 'incomplete' as thousands remain behind bars on similar charges
Egypt - Politics
3/27/2016 3:41:44 PM
Hamas's Mahmoud Al-Zahar said the movement is going to treat the Egyptian demands 'positively'
Egypt - Politics
3/26/2016 3:03:46 PM
Hussein was found guilty of using religion to promote extremist thought and harm national unity, and of spreading false news to disrupt national peace
World - Region
3/26/2016 10:48:08 AM
In a move widely seen as toning down ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Tunisia's Ennahda Party says it will accept state authority over religion and focus on political activities
Books -
3/21/2016 5:32:10 PM
The book focuses on the weaknesses and lapses in political Islam, whose advocates elected the Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt - Politics
3/17/2016 4:58:22 PM
In Second part of interview with The Italian daily La Repubblica, President El-Sisi repeats calls for lifting the ban on weapons to Libya to support of the Tobruk government control the country
Egypt - Politics
3/16/2016 6:56:54 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/13/2016 6:49:46 PM
A Hamas delegation arrived to Cairo Saturday for talks amid accusations levelled by the Egyptian interior ministry of the group's involvement in the 2015 assassination of Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat
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