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Egypt - Politics
3/4/2015 6:33:27 PM
Spokesman for Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, said on Wednesday the ministry of justice's decision to execute the court ruling listing Hamas a terrorist organisation is shameful to Egypt
Opinion -
3/4/2015 4:50:09 PM
Within weeks, the US Secretary of State is to head to Congress to testify on Egypt, which may result in lifting the freeze on military aid to the country
Egypt - Politics
3/4/2015 3:40:09 PM
The fate of Egypt-Palestine relations is unclear after a court in Cairo labeled Hamas a terrorist group
Egypt - Politics
3/4/2015 1:18:58 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/4/2015 12:28:33 PM
Sources say Jihad has shown more flexibility in dealing with Cairo than Hamas
Egypt - Politics
3/3/2015 3:35:59 PM
The court of urgent matters had accused the syndicate leadership of affiliation to the banned Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt - Politics
3/3/2015 2:42:43 PM
In Tuesday's session, the court examined evidence in Mohamed Morsi trial for allegedly leaking classified documents to Qatar
World - Region
3/2/2015 6:09:30 PM
Business - Economy
3/2/2015 1:04:38 PM
Business - Economy
3/2/2015 12:53:02 PM
An upcoming economic conference planned for late March is expected to attract investors, desperately needed for an economy battered by political turmoil
Egypt - Politics
3/1/2015 2:28:13 PM
Until a parliament is elected for the first time since 2012, all legislative power will remain in the hands of the president
Egypt - Politics
2/28/2015 11:21:10 PM
On Sunday, Egypt's president will work to consolidate the strategic alliance between Cairo and Riyadh as the new rulers of Al-Souad ponder new regional priorities
Egypt - Politics
2/28/2015 7:48:11 PM
Since the 2013 removal of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi as president, Qatar and Egypt have seen their ties worsen with ongoing diplomatic disputes
Arts & Culture - Film
2/28/2015 7:41:58 PM
Set in the heart of downtown Cairo, Mahmoud Kamel's Khareg El Khedma (Out of Order), which premiered in Egypt last week, is a social drama with narrow chances of garnering big interest from cinema goers
Egypt - Politics
2/28/2015 4:22:04 PM
Spokesman of Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, said the court ruling that lists Hamas a terrorist organisation will not affect the group's status among the nation's people and leaders
World - Region
2/28/2015 3:29:00 PM
A major cause of tension between the two nations is Turkey's support of the Muslim Brotherhood which is outlawed in Saudi Arabia
Egypt - Politics
2/28/2015 2:11:39 PM
The relationship between Egypt and Hamas, the de facto rulers of the Gaza Strip, has been tense since the ouster of Morsi in 2013
Egypt - Politics
2/28/2015 1:35:17 PM
The death sentences were issued in December and have since been confirmed by the grand mufti, although all defendants can appeal
Egypt - Politics
2/27/2015 3:47:03 PM
Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have been staging near-weekly demonstrations against the government
Egypt - Politics
2/27/2015 1:42:07 PM
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